When purchasing a dump hopper, your primary objectives are durability, efficiency, safety and cost-effectiveness. When you need to shield your materials from exterior hazards, a covered dump hopper from Roura Materials Handling is a perfect solution. Available in several sizes, weights and volume capacities, our covered self dumping hoppers are built for dependable storage and transport.

Covered Hopper Basics

We offer both temporary and permanent covers for our dump hoppers. Vinyl and mesh tarps are ideal when you must protect your hoppers’ contents during short-term storage. Plastic and watertight steel lids offer long-term protection, ensuring that the contents stay safe and dry.

Vinyl and mesh tarps are available on all of our self-dumping hoppers. Watertight steel covers can be added to our durable, rugged and ultimate model dumpers. Our plastic lid hoppers are in a separate product category and come in specific weight and volume capacity ranges.

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Recommended Covered Self Dumping Hoppers:

Watertight Steel Covers

covered self dumping hoppersRoura’s watertight steel covers are fabricated with sturdy 14 gauge hinged covers and equipped with drain channels under each hinge. Each style also features a ¼-inch neoprene gasket affixed to the bottom of the cover. A D-ring, chain and snap hook assembly is mounted to the hopper to secure the cover during dumping. Our watertight steel covers come in three versions:

  • Type-A: Center-hinged cover with front and back opening sections
  • Type-B: Center-hinged cover with one opening and one fixed section
  • Type-D: Two-hinged cover with three sections: a fixed center, an opening front and an opening back

Opening sections on Type-A, Type-B and Type-D covers are crafted entirely from 14 gauge hot rolled steel. On Type-B and Type-D covers, the fixed sections are made from 12 gauge hot rolled steel.

Plastic Lid Hoppers

Roura’s plastic covers feature a sturdy lightweight construction and incorporate drip channels, which keep your hoppers’ contents dry by routing water away from. Each plastic lid hopper also includes a ductile iron lift up handle with a secure flip latch. Thanks to this useful feature, the lid stays securely closed during transport and storage. Your new hopper also comes with an open-channel Z-bar base with extruded trunnion track and taper pins, making forklift transport possible while standing up to long-term wear and tear.

Our plastic lid self dumping hoppers come in load capacities of 4,000 and 6,000 pounds and range in volumes from ½ to 2 ½ cubic yards. Our smallest is the model H-PLDA-135, which measures 57 inches long, 34 ½ inches wide and 36 ½ inches high. The largest plastic lid hopper is the H-PLDB-675, measuring 65 inches long, 76 ½ inches wide and 49 inches high.

Vinyl and Mesh Tarps

When you only need temporary protection during storage, our vinyl and mesh tarps are great options. Both types of covers come with a fitted front and bungee cord fasteners in the back. Mesh tarps stop materials from falling out of your hopper while it’s being transported. Our vinyl tarps are waterproof, helping you comply with environmental rainwater runoff standards.

Accessories and Options for Your Hopper

When selecting a cover for your hopper, you can also equip it with several options and parts. To make dumping safer and more efficient, we provide three handle release styles: our Mechanical Hopper Release system, pull-down handles and auto-latch handles. Other custom options include wheel and caster sets, base legs, slide bolt latches and enamel finishes in multiple colors.

Your Materials Handling Solution Provider

Roura’s hoppers have helped clients in many industries significantly improve their material handling processes. To purchase your dump hopper with lid or learn more, shop our store, complete our contact form or call our Michigan office at (800) 968-9070. You can also contact our Mississippi office at (800) 654-9147.