Curious about the strongest trip levers in the material handling industry?

Find out more about the Roura Material Handling standard style trip lever hopper handle in this operational video. Explore handle options, the history of our handles and find out what sets our handles apart before ordering one for your hopper. See how our handles allow you to easily trip the self-dumping feature on your hopper. Keep up with the competition with a leading handle design and quality hopper solution.

This operational video describes the ductile iron, heavy-duty steel and heavy-duty extended handle options by Roura Material Handling. Each of these handles offer a rugged design for a variety of commercial applications. Your new hopper trip lever uses a custom flat spring and industry-leading design to power your self-dumping hopper.

Each of the three handle options are designed to personalize your hopper. Just like other design features, the type of trip lever on your self-dumping hopper is your design decision. See how you can craft a hopper setup that fits your industry and your material handling specifications.

All handles designed by Roura are available in both right- and left-handed options. This allows you to personalize your hopper for your team. See these levers in action in this operational video and compare them for yourself before ordering one from Roura Material Handling. Explore the accessories, replacement parts and hopper designs that can be tailored to your industrial needs.