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Roura 100th Anniversary

The Original Self-Dumping Hopper

Roura conceived and developed the original dump hopper in the late 1920’s. Our workforce focuses on maintaining the company’s position as the country’s leading value producer of Self-Dumping Hoppers and related custom fabricated products for the material handling industry.

The Original Self-Dumping Hopper

Roura Self-Dumping Hoppers are available in over 60 standard models and sizes. Roura also offers a wide range of specialty products and can design custom material handling products to meet specific customer requirements. For over 100 years Roura has maintained a reputation for quality and has focused on meeting our customers’ needs with safety, durability and value in mind.



Mechanical Handle Release

Our pull-down handle and auto-latch handle variants each allow safe and efficient operation of your self dumping hopper without leaving the seat.



Roura provides caster and wheel sets in a variety of combinations to fit your specific needs. A complete set includes two swivel rear casters and two rigid front casters.


Hopper Covers / Tarps

Outdoor hopper use has never been easier thanks to durable, protective covers.

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Roura Video Series

Roura's library of training videos offer step by step details on training and safety when operating self dumping hoppers and material handling equipment. For information on operating self dumping hoppers, using a forklift with a rotator box, using plastic lid dump hoppers, operating Roura drum rotators and more.

Featured Products
Plastic Lid Hoppers
Roura’s plastic lid hopper models provide a safe and efficient method of keeping the material in the hopper dry.
Bottom Drop-Box
Roura's Bottom Drop Box container is a safe and efficient way of handling your scrap, waste and every-day materials.
Drum Rotator
Roura’s Drum Rotator container is a safe and efficient way of operating common recycling methods.