Standard & Ultimate Heavy Duty A-Frames

The Roura A-Frame storage rack is ideal for storing stone, granite and marble slabs. This heavy duty A-Frame will hold up to 12,000 lbs. per side equally and is shipped knocked down to lower freight costs.

Two a-frame models RAF-60 side by side on a white background

Roura A-Frames come with all of the components (as shown) to provide a complete value – and solution to our customers looking for a granite A-Frame.

A-Frame Features:

  • Heavy duty steel constructed A-Frame Rack
  • Sold and used as a set
  • 60″ height handles full slabs
  • Holds up to 12,000 lbs. per side
  • Includes timber blocks for improved stability and slab protection
  • Steel cross member and fasteners included
  • Shipped knocked down
  • Optional 2nd cross member
  • Industrial enamel green paint for weather protection

Contact our engineering and sales staff at either plant if you need a granite A-Frame to discuss your specific needs and ideas.

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