A Forklift Dumpster / Hopper Can Bring Efficiency and Safety to Your Operation

Although your workers can move hoppers outfitted with casters from one location to another, using a forklift and forklift dumpster will make your operation more efficient and versatile. You can also minimize the potential for workers injuring themselves while they move heavily loaded dump hoppers or hazardous materials. Many of the hopper dumpster models made by Roura have been designed with forklift slots in their bases so that they can be easily and safely moved regardless of their size and weight.

The Roura MHR System Adds an Extra Dimension of Safety and Convenience

When you add a Roura forklift dump hopper or trash hopper for forklift to your operation you can also benefit from the option of our revolutionary Mechanical Hopper Release (MHR) system. The system will enable your material handlers to dump the contents of a forklift dumpster while they remain seated on their forklift. Our new system provides a much greater degree of safety for your forklift drivers when they transport and dump heavy or hazardous loads of materials.

Some of the applications in which our specialized forklift dump hoppers can be used include:

  • Manufacturing and milling operations
  • Trash disposal and recycling
  • Heavy-duty material handling such as pipes, extruded products and lumber
  • Outdoor construction material clean-up
  • Wet material handling, such as water and sewage treatment applications
  • Safe handling of high-temperature materials such as forgings or hot glass
  • Agricultural, fishery and food industry material handling
  • Transport and removal of shavings, sawdust and metal chips

Learn How Our Hoppers’ Many Features Can Benefit Your Material Handling Operations

Contact us today and discover how your operational needs can be better accommodated by one of our high-performance self dumping hopper models. We have a wide range of sizes, specialty features and options that can meet any material handling requirements.  Looking for a forklift dumpster, trash hopper for forklift or forklift hopper?  Tell us about your specific application and one of our sales team or engineering group members will show you the best way you can improve your operation while also providing greater safety for your workers.

Forklift dumpster by Roura

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Roura Material Handling Reviews

“Last month, I have purchased self dumping hopper from Roura Material Handling. It is easy to fill and even easier to unload as it comes with a self dumping feature. Very handy in loading heavy items. Thank to Roura Material Handling for the fast, easy and safety of ordering.”