Plastic lid hoppers are great for collecting recyclables and waste or for storing materials and sorting items.

They keep the materials safe from weather and interested critters and contain odors. If you have never before used a plastic lid self-dumping hopper, you need to know how to safely empty one. This instructional video shows how a forklift driver can easily and safely transport, tip, and dump the contents of a plastic lid hopper without ever getting down from the driver’s seat.

Roura Material Handling has been in the business of manufacturing hoppers for a long time. Joseph Roura founded the company in Detroit, MI, in 1915. While our metal expertise has evolved through the years, our dedication to quality has not. Part of this dedication is making sure our customers understand how they can use our plastic lid hoppers to make their facilities more organized as well as safer, and this important knowledge includes learning how to empty our hoppers efficiently.

This instructional video is designed to teach company owners, managers, and forklift drivers just how simple it is to empty one of our self-dumping hoppers. The presentation is clear, and it offers easy-to-follow instructions that cover every step of the process. Knowing how to best use our hoppers to improve daily operations as well as understanding the procedure for correctly emptying them helps you get the best possible results.