Standard & Ultimate Heavy Duty Remnant Racks

Roura manufactures two series of Remnant Racks to store smaller sizes of cut stone products.

remnant racks

Our standard Remnant Racks come in many different lengths to accommodate various floor space requirements. All hollow posts and caps are included on the standard remnant racks.

The Ultimate Remnant Racks are designed to store many remnant pieces of the same stone lots together for organization of product. The design of the Ultimate Remnant Racks allows more continuous remnant cuts of stone to be stored with solid post.

Remnant Rack Features:

  • The remnant rack is designed to handle and store small cut finished pieces
  • The remnant storage racks will hold 1,200 lbs. per post, 2,400 LBS between each set of post
  • The ultimate remnant racks will hold 1,400 lbs. per post, 2,800 LBS between each set of post
  • Each set has two 5-1/4″ wide base rails with locking cleats, for fastening to floor
  • Each remnant rack set has 1-1/4″ structural posts and ultimate remnant racks has 1-5/6″ solid steel post for extreme durability
  • Each set has protective white caps for scratch prevention
  • The base rails are constructed with a two layer Mortise and Tenon welded joint for superior strength
  • Remnant storage racks can be bolted together for many different required lengths
  • Industrial enamel green paint for weather protection

Contact our engineering and sales staff at either plant to discuss your specific needs and ideas.

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