Our self-dumping hoppers are available for use in a wide variety of applications.

Roura has a self-dumping hopper to fit any application, no matter the scope of your project. You can also build your own hopper by customizing and designing any of our four models to meet the specific needs of your business.  Discover which specialized Roura Material Handling hopper is right for your business. Whether you’re operating a national manufacturing corporation or a small restaurant, there’s a wide range of small-scale and industrial hopper applications.

Food Processing Hoppers

Organic waste, such as food scraps, can be safely stored until you’re ready to dump it. Whether you’re composting on-site or dumping your food waste at another location, choose a hopper that fits your space.

Our hoppers can include durable plastic lids to reduce any smells due to organic waste, while also protecting your food waste from pests and animals. A durable hopper by Roura Material Handling can be safely stored indoors or outside, regardless of the weather or temperature.

Trash Hoppers

Every business produces waste. Durable one or two cubic yards of storage space is protected by 3/16-inch and 12-gauge carbon steel. Here are some common ways that can use these versatile hoppers:

  • Construction site cleanup
  • Cardboard boxes
  • Aluminium cans
  • Glass bottles
  • And more

Each garbage self-dumping hopper includes a lightweight plastic lid for protected storage. Our trash hoppers are versatile enough to be moved, stored and dumped wherever you need with the use of a forklift.

Concrete Hoppers

These self dumping hoppers have capacities from 8,000 – 10,000 lbs and are perfect for large volume material handling.  These are also referred to as behemoth self dumping hoppers.

Scrap Hoppers

Our hoppers are durable enough for long-term storage solutions. Scrap hoppers can keep your junkyard organized efficiently. It’s easy to sort and store items long-term in hoppers, which can be easily moved or dumped as needed.

From spare auto parts to used tires, your scrap materials are kept safe in self-dumping hoppers. Choose a lid to protect the contents from the elements, or enjoy the drainage hole to prevent water accumulation. The durable coating not only comes in a variety of colors but also prevents rust and corrosion for long-lasting support.

Waste Hoppers

When you need rugged storage and removal of waste materials in your plant or at the job site, choose industrial self dumping hoppers. These high-grade steel hoppers come in a variety of sizes and shapes. If you can’t find the perfect hopper for your scrap-metal or waste needs, contact us about a custom design.

For even more versatility, choose a band cutter to discard scrap banding. A simple, yet effective upgrade can clear up your job site easily and keep your employees safe. You can also find many other upgrades and additional attachments, like casters, covers and easy release systems.

Glass Hoppers

Don’t let glass bottles accumulate in your warehouse or restaurant. Storing glass in boxes, bags or other containers can be dangerous to your employees. Shards of glass are difficult to clean and easy to injure. Safety is our first concern. We manufacture hoppers to not only be durable and reliable but also be easy to operate. Storing glass shards and other materials in a rugged steel hopper prevents accidental injuries.

A self-dumping hopper can protect you and your employees thanks to its sides and ejected trunnion passage and 12-gauge carbon steel. The dumping mechanism offers easy transportation of glass and other sharp materials without contact.

Recycling Hoppers

Recycle cardboard, plastic, glass and metal products with efficient and durable recycling hoppers. Improve your convenience store or warehouse recycling system with this maneuverable containers.

A lightweight, yet durable plastic lid shields you from unwanted smells, while also preventing water accumulation in your hoppers. Choose either a one cubic yard or two cubic yard option for customized storage solutions.

Contact Us For More Information

If you’re ready to learn about all the dynamic commercial hopper applications, contact Roura Material Handling at 586.790.6100. We’ll help you determine the best self-dumping hopper for your situation. Can’t find a hopper that fits your exact needs? We’ll customize everything from the size to the paint job. Choose a reliable and efficient hopper for all your material handling needs.