This video shows how the Roura Material Handling Auto-Latch Handle can save your team time, increase productivity and reduce the risk of accidents.

See how easy it is for operators to secure and release self-dumping hoppers with a state-of-the-art auto-latch hopper handle that features pull springs for maximum stability.

Watch the streamlined process in action and see the advantages of choosing an auto-latch handle over a traditional hopper latch. This video can also help you compare our Material Handling Auto-Latch Handle with our Standard Ductile Iron and Steel Trip Lever Handle to select the best option for your company’s operations.

The video highlights how an auto-latch hopper handle can speed up the dumping process significantly. Our double-action trip lever handle only requires a single upward motion to empty a hopper and deal with materials efficiently. After the hopper is returned to its starting position, the capture mechanism latches automatically and securely. This eliminates an additional step completely as there’s no need to use a flip-over handle latch.

With fewer working parts, this hopper latch reduces the risk of pinch points during dumping. At the same time, the solid construction of the auto-latch system provides dependable operation for ages. This is due to a heavy-duty steel construction and high-performance pull springs. This operational video can also be helpful for training employees in the correct usage of the hopper latch.