Improve your material handling processes by using a Roura self-dumping hopper.

Whether you’re dealing with construction site waste, food scraps or gravel and other raw materials, these hoppers make it easy to store, move, lift and dump materials. This operational video shows how you can easily operate a Roura hopper with your own forklift. You don’t need any specialize forklift attachments or other items to lift and dump your new favorite hopper.

Roura Material Handling hoppers come with a few features that make it easy to lift and dump heavy materials. A secure chain, flip-over lever and dependable construction materials are capable of carrying up to 10 cubic yards and 10,000 pounds of product.

A self-dumping hopper from Roura may operate slightly different from competitors. Watch this step-by-step operational video to find out how your standard forklift with forks can lift and dump your hopper without you leaving your seat. Once it’s unloaded, it’s easy to right your hopper again, lower it to the ground and continue on to your next project.

Show this operational video to your employees or watch it yourself to learn what you need to know about our hoppers. Roura hoppers are industry-leading material handling products that can be customized to fit your process. Whether you use a standard hopper or a custom handling solution, follow these same steps for convenient operation, day in and day out.