Self Dumping Hopper

Safety in the workplace is important, whether in an office or on a construction site. Those who work with heavy materials and waste are especially susceptible to multiple types of injuries, so setting up and maintaining secure working conditions is vital. Putting safety first protects health and the long-term success of company operations. An integral factor in keeping a work area hazard-free involves training. This is why Roura Material Handling has created a series of material handling training videos.

We manufacture all of our self dumping hopper models, including customized orders, with safety in mind. However, your employees need to know how best to use and empty our hoppers to take advantage of all the safety mechanisms built into them. We decided to create a series of operational videos to introduce our hoppers’ many safety features so your employees can take full advantage of the innovative designs.

Training Video Series Content

Our new material handling videos teach your workers about the parts of our hoppers that make it easier and more secure to use them.

  • Release handles—Designed to give forklift operators optimal safety when emptying our hoppers as well as allow operators to empty hoppers without leaving the cab
  • Trip lever latches—Make moving our hoppers safer by preventing accidental content dumping and discharge
  • Chains—Add stability when moving our hoppers and emptying them

We also demonstrate how to operate and empty our various models of hoppers.

These operational videos feature additional lessons on how to use our products designed to make transporting and emptying your self-dumping hoppers easy, convenient, and safe.

This series even demonstrates how to safely mount our quality casters onto your self-dumping hoppers. Knowledge may be power, but it also leads to safer work environments. When your employees understand the correct way to use our products and how everything connects to create an efficient, productive work setting, they can get the most out of their time.

Benefits of Training

Plastic Lid Self Dumping Hopper

Our material handling training videos offer significant benefits on multiple levels.

  • They reduce the risk of injuries from repetitive straining movements and accidental spills of cargo or hoppers during transport.
  • They increase workflow production by introducing efficient methods for handling, storing, organizing, and emptying materials.
  • They help you save money and streamline operations.

We also offer many helpful safety and usage tips throughout our productions.

Our operational videos are clear and easy to understand, with step-by-step instructions. Seeing a procedure demonstrated as it is talked about increases learning proficiency and memory retention. Our goal in creating these operational videos is to make your workplace safer as well as more dynamic and profitable.

Who Can Use These Videos?

Our teaching videos are excellent resources for companies in the many industries that use our self-dumping hoppers.

  • Construction companies
  • Industrial campuses
  • Food businesses
  • Metal works and machining companies

Anyone who uses our hoppers will learn the most effective and the safest ways to handle them from these new productions.

Bottom Drop Box

About Roura Material Handling

Roura Material Handling builds our hoppers strong because we have been in the metal business for a long time. We were founded in 1915 as Roura Iron Works by Joseph Roura. We began manufacturing and erecting steel in and around our home city of Detroit.

As the country’s needs evolved, our company grew with society, and our self-dumping hoppers became our primary focus. We still have a home in Michigan, and we opened a second location in Mississippi to conveniently serve the entire country. Our mission is to produce the highest-quality, most durable self-dumping hoppers available at the best prices you will find.’

View the full series here.