Customize your self dumping hoppers with a wide range of accessories and additional parts. Whether you want a personalized hopper with your company’s colors or self dumping hoppers with wheels, find out why Roura Material Handling is the premier source of reliable, innovative hoppers.

Release Systems

Protect your forklift operator and improve productivity by dumping your hopper while remaining in the forklift. Our auto-latch handle variants each allow safe and efficient operation of your self dumping hopper without leaving the seat.

If you’re unloading your forklift hopper while elevated, these systems are essential to keep you safe. From the forklift seat, simply pull the lever on the cable system of your pull-down handle release system. The mechanical release system also offers improved safety, particularly when handling large amounts of waste or material.


Self dumping hopper with casters allows you to maneuver your hopper without the use of a forklift. For heavy loads, your forklift can safely roll the hopper across your shop floor with ease. Choose between iron, polyurethane phenolic, polyolefin or many other caster options to completely customize your hopper and increase maneuverability.

Casters are typically sold in sets of four, with two swivel casters providing maneuverability and two straight casters providing stability. Find the ideal material and size of wheels for your self dumping hopper today. Whether rolling through dirt, debris, water or smooth, dry ground, you’ll find the casters you need.


Outdoor hopper use has never been easier thanks to durable, protective covers. Choose a lightweight plastic lid for easy removal, or select a rugged steel lid for maximum protection and security. Vinyl and mesh tarps are also available for efficient and temporary storage in the elements.


Select an open channel base or boxed tube design for a personalized base for your hopper size. These bases allow you to utilize various fork pocket designs to change the way you move and store your hopper. Durable, reliable and easy to use, choose the base that fits your exact needs and hopper size.


While many customers love the iconic green of our Roura hoppers, the paint can be completely customized to suit your company’s needs. From a single, bold color to a special color option, such as camouflage, create a memorable and recognizable look for your self dumping hopper.

Add logos, brand names and other information to your hopper for more personalization and identification. Our hoppers are always marked with your company name and location, but you can contact us to choose even more personalized markings.


Shop for a wide range of dump hopper parts and accessories. Replacement trunnion pins, convenient handles, additional springs and durable chains are just a few of the many parts and accessories available to restore or improve your self dumping hopper. Replacement parts allow you to enjoy a long-lasting hopper with a lifetime of rugged use. Additional accessories, like floor locks and wheel brakes, offer another layer of convenience and efficiency.

If you have any questions or would like to order any durable and convenient accessories for your dump hopper, contact us today. Discover why Roura Material Handling is your premier provider of innovative, rugged and personalized self dumping hoppers.

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