Since its inception in the 1920s, Roura Material Handling has been innovating ways to make life and work more convenient for our customers.

While the self-dumping hopper was certainly a great start, we realized it needed more elements to increase its usefulness. Hence, our mounting casters.

Roura hoppers come with four caster shoes welded to the bottom, making it easy to add casters whenever the need arises. We sell a variety of mounting wheels designed to fit in the shoes and to suit various situations and needs. Our operational video shows you how to attach casters in an efficient yet safe manner.

The onsite storage, transportation and disposal of materials is a large expense for any business. The hopper itself goes a long way toward slashing the cost of each process by increasing handling efficiency. When you add mounting casters to the bottom of your hoppers, though, you can speed up processes even more by reducing the need to use a forklift to move your hopper from one location to the next.

Moreover, our vast selection of casters includes wheels specifically designed for industrial environments. Whether your floor is littered with metal chips and debris, is coated in grease, oil or other solvents, or is completely smooth, there’s a caster available that will allow you to roll and rotate your hopper with ease. We even have mounting wheels that are shock absorbent, impact tolerant and quiet rolling.

You will need a forklift to safely attach the casters to the bottom of the hopper. Watch the operational video for step-by-step instructions on how to do so with ease.