Provide a secondary security system for your self-dumping hopper with a slide bolt hopper latch.

In this operational video, you’ll see how this convenient system works and how to use it to offer an additional layer of protection while operating your Roura Material Handling self-dumping hopper.

Be sure to follow the steps in this video carefully as you operate your slide bolt latch. The bolt latch is meant to be used in addition to the trip lever. Once attached to your hopper, this latch must be released before the standard trip lever for effective use. Once the latch and lever are disengaged, your hopper is free to tip and dump its contents.

After dumping your hopper, watch how to return your hopper to an upright position and engage the slide bolt in this operational video. The latch locks in both an open and closed position for secure use as you lift and transport your hopper.

Enjoy a convenient hopper latch system from Roura Material Handling. Only use this bolt system with applicable hopper systems. This latch isn’t meant to replace the trip lever, but only to offer a secondary means of securing your hopper. Handle raw materials, waste products and other items with your newly upgraded self-dumping hopper. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions about the operation of your hopper or latch system.