Hopper Base Options

Roura manufactures two basic designs of dump hopper bases. Our open channel bases are standard on all Durable model hoppers, and 2 1/2 cu. yd. and smaller Rugged and Ultimate Strength hoppers. These bases are constructed with 1/4″ thick track on all one ton (1T) and two ton (2T) models and 5/16″ track for all hoppers over two tons (3T through 5T).

Our boxed tube design is standard on all 3 cu. yd. and larger Rugged and Ultimate Strength hoppers and optional on all other two ton (2T) and three ton (3T) models. This design is constructed from 1/4″ plate steel on all 1/2 cu. yd. and smaller hoppers and 5/16″ tube for 1 cu. yd. and larger. This base design is unique to the industry and provides superior durability for heavy load applications as well as resistance to aggressive handling.

A variety of other base options are available including Three-Way Fork Entry Bases and Base Legs. In addition, Roura can modify these standard bases to include extra reinforcements, closed fork pockets, or modified fork pocket dimensions.

For unique base requirements or enhancements that are not shown here, please call. We’ll build it for you.

base options