How a Storage Hopper Can Benefit Your Project

Dynamic storage issues require dynamic storage solutions. At Roura Material Handling, we offer a full range of customizable dump hoppers for a range of industries. Discover the benefits of industry-leading hoppers and learn how a self dumping hopper can streamline your commercial warehouse or manufacturing location. Find a storage dumpster that fits your needs today.

Durable Hopper Construction

Our rugged hoppers are designed by qualified engineers and use 1/4-inch and 5/16-inch rolled steel for reliable transportation of a range of materials. Our hoppers are hand-welded to provide uncompromising quality as you enjoy long-term storage solutions or short-term, maneuverable storage containers.

Roura hoppers range from the compact durable self-dumping hopper, which holds up to 4,000 pounds, to the mighty Behemoth, which can hold up to 10,000 pounds and 10 cubic yards of material. These heavy-duty hoppers are reliable enough to hold liquids, solids and a variety of sharp or dangerous materials on your job site or around your manufacturing facility.

Versatile Storage Solutions

Invest in a self dumping storage hopper to enjoy versatile use. Choose custom hoppers for your recycling, waste and bulk materials, or use a single hopper to achieve a variety of storage applications. Here are just a few common ways our hoppers have successfully managed waste and bulk materials:

  • Trash
  • Food waste
  • Scrap materials
  • Concrete
  • Glass shards
  • Recyclable material
storage hopper

Recommended Storage Hoppers:

How a Storage Hopper Can Benefit Your Project

Our hoppers can handle a range of materials without bending, warping or cracking. Use your basic forklift to pick up, move and dump your new hopper wherever you need. This flexibility is at the heart of what we do. Our hoppers make it easy to clean up scrap metal and other debris from a construction site, store concrete, sand and other materials for a new project or haul food waste and recycling items to a processing area at your facility.

Customizable Convenience

Self dumping hoppersRoura Material Handling not only produces hoppers but engineers these flexible workhorses from the ground up. This means that we not only understand all the specifications and advantages of using our durable hoppers, but we can also create custom hoppers to match your work needs.
Choose a hopper with a plastic lid to prevent animals from gaining access to your food waste. Enjoy a dewatering hopper to remove excess water from your material and to prevent rainwater from pooling in your hopper. We can work with you to achieve whatever feature or size specification you need.

Additional Accessories

If you can’t find the dump hopper you need but don’t wish to create a custom order. Check out our additional accessories to personalize your hopper. Use your hopper for long-term storage with a hopper cover. Metal lids, lightweight plastic options or temporary tarps are all efficient ways of sealing off your hopper and preventing moisture or animals from entering your hopper.

Casters, advanced release systems and other accessories are all available to take advantage of the rugged design of our hoppers. Turn a durable hopper into a multi-purpose container for your warehouse or factory. Pull-down handle release systems are perfect for dumping recyclable materials or food waste while still sitting comfortably in a forklift. This allows you or your employees to quickly manage your bulk refuse or dry goods while staying safely away from the hopper while it’s being dumped.

Discuss Your Storage Hopper Needs Today

Don’t settle for a costly, generic storage container for your company. Enjoy the convenience and cost-effective designs of our hoppers today. Contact us at Roura Material Handling to discuss your hopper needs. Choose a dump hopper with lid in any size to handle your dry goods, waste products and more. Update your storage solutions and invest in long-lasting, industry-leading hopper designs.

Roura Material Handling Reviews

“Last month, I have purchased self dumping hopper from Roura Material Handling. It is easy to fill and even easier to unload as it comes with a self dumping feature. Very handy in loading heavy items. Thank to Roura Material Handling for the fast, easy and safety of ordering.”
Jaideep S.