Whether you have been using a self-dumping hopper or are new to these multitasking products, the Roura drum rotator is an important and practical solution that will immediately improve your drum storage capacity and streamline your handling efficiency. Granting you the ability to lift, maneuver and rotate 55-gallon drums with ease, it makes transporting and dumping materials safe and easy. This instructional video shows forklift operators how to secure large drums using a drum rotator box so materials can be transported without worry and then quickly emptied, without the need for the operator to leave the safety of the cab.

Our innovative design securely holds a 55-gallon drum and is simple to use. It saves you time and money, allowing workers to efficiently manage hopper loads and reducing the risk of on-the-job injuries related to hopper emptying.

Follow this step-by-step operational video to learn how to secure the drum safely within the drum rotator box, transport it to the desired location, and carefully empty the contents in a metered dump. Complete with helpful visuals, the video will aid you and your employees in learning how to properly utilize our drum rotator from start to finish. When you see how simple it is to dependably and securely work with our drum rotator, you can breathe easier and enjoy the convenience our products offer without concern about managing loads.