Whether you have been using Roura’s chip tubs for awhile or have just discovered how convenient they are, we created this instructional video to make sure you know the safest way to handle, transport, and empty our chip tub.

This procedure is easy using our advanced rotator box attachment on your forklift truck forks.

This production will take you clearly through every step of the process, from securing and picking up a chip tub to transporting it to emptying it and taking it back to be filled again.

We understand that seeing a procedure being done as it is explained makes learning easier and increases understanding of the best practices needed to make the most out of your tub.

After all, Roura Material Handling began as Roura Iron Works in 1915, so we know a thing or two about building sturdy hoppers and tubs. Our chip tub is made of welded carbon steel for durability and strength, and its built-in two-way entry for forks is part of our careful design. Our mission, however, extends beyond building rugged yet affordable products. We want our customers to know how to safely use our products, including transporting and emptying them.
After the forklift operator empties this tub without ever having to leave the safety of the cab, it can be quickly positioned to be refilled, making sure operations continue smoothly.