Looking for a convenient way to store, transport and dump materials?

From the jobsite to your commercial facility, use a rotator box from Roura Material Handling for all of your waste products or fill material. This operational video explains the features of a box from Roura, how it can help you handle your material situation and the most convenient ways to maneuver your box with a forklift. Compare these products with self-dumping hoppers to see how you can enjoy quality material handling solutions.

The spacious forklift pockets are designed for easy lifting and rotation. Be sure to follow all of our recommendations for convenient transportation. This step-by-step video shows a forklift inserting its forks into the pockets, lifting the box, dumping it and returning it to the ground.

As a leader in rotator box and self-dumping hopper manufacturing, Roura has included a number of dependable features in your new rotational box. A flip-over handle, secure chain and other features make it easy for a forklift operator to manage the entire process.

At the end of the day, it’s easy to stack empty rotator boxes. Never stack a full box, but up to three empty boxes can be safely stacked for long-term storage or to clear your shop floor at the end of a project. Check out this operational video for more tips and helpful information before ordering your own rotator material handling box from Roura.