A 5-yard self-dumping hopper is a large-scale device that can transport just about any material with ease. Our original models at Roura Material Handling are the strongest in the industry, and can be custom-designed based on your specific requirements. Read on to learn more about our hoppers and how they can help your business.

What Are Self-Dumping Hoppers?

Roura invented the self-dumping hopper, which, as previously mentioned, is a large container that can transport all types of bulk materials. Both our standard and custom models are made with 10- to 12-gauge steel, and feature 4,000- to 10,000-pound and 5 to 10-cubic yard volume capabilities.

Benefits of Our 5-Yard Self-Dumping Hopper

Whether you’re finishing a construction project or relocating your business, our 5-yard self-dumping hoppers can help you save both time and money. Some of the benefits of our hoppers include:

  • Durability: Made from 12-gauge carbon steel, we design our hoppers with longevity in mind.
  • Safety: Because our hoppers are self-dumping, they eliminate the need for manual waste removal. This important feature helps prevent workplace injuries.
  • Fitted Lids: Our hopper’s tightly sealed lids help prevent odors from expanding into your space.
  • Increased Productivity: We can customize our hoppers to meet your volume and load capacity requirements. A custom-designed hopper can help streamline the waste management process and cut back on time sinks.

Keep reading to learn more about our customization options.

Key Features of Our 5-Yard Self-Dumping Hoppers

We know that every business needs something different. That’s why we offer easy customization of the following key features:

  • MHR (Mechanical Hopper Release) System: Choose between right- or left-handed operation.
  • Handle System: This feature makes it easier to use the hopper while it’s elevated. Our different handle systems include lift-up ductile iron or steel handles, auto-latch handles, and pull-down handles. If you’re not sure which handle system is right for you, we’re happy to help you.
  • Casters & Wheels: All sets come with two rear swivel casters and two rigid front casters. Wheel options include ductile iron, polyurethane, phenolic, polyolefin, and rubber.
  • Covers: A cover is essential, as it will help you keep materials secure during transportation. We offer watertight steel, mesh, and vinyl options.
  • Open Channel Bases: When you purchase a 5-yard self-dumping hopper from us, we also provide you with a standard open channel base. However, we also provide other options, including heavy-duty boxed tube base, three-way base entry, and customizable base legs.
  • Choice of Colors: The Roura safety green is our standard color choice, but we can also design your hopper in red, blue, orange, yellow, brown, white, gray, and black.
  • Extra Enhancements: Beyond our standard key features, we also offer extra enhancements for your hopper. These include optional crane eyes, base legs, side-bolt latches, 1-inch drains with plugs, and more.

Have questions? Call us today to learn more about our key features and customization process.

Common Uses for a Self-Dumping Hopper

There are many ways you can use our 5-cubic yard self-dumping hopper. Their main application is waste disposal, and can be used in nearly any industry. For example, if you run a manufacturing facility, your workers can use the hopper to dispose of scrap metals and other parts safely and efficiently. Construction workers can also use hoppers to throw away debris, junk, and other materials.

No matter which industry you’re in, our hoppers can help you increase efficiency and prevent workplace injuries. Plus, we design our hoppers to withstand all types of environments.

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