Our dynamic drum lifter rotator line is made for a range of industrial situations. Whether you’re operating a restaurant that uses drums of oil or storing your own products at a manufacturing facility in 55 gallon drums, enjoy the following features with a Roura forklift drum lift.

Rugged Construction

At Roura Material Handling, we pride ourselves in using high-quality steel, skilled welding and the latest in engineering expertise to craft products that make a difference. Our rugged drum rotator products use the same dependable craftsmanship as our hoppers and rotator products.

We use 5/16-inch and 1/4-inch steel for our products. We assemble them with an innershield welding process, adding hidden corner supports and creating a design that is both streamlined and sturdy. The result is a product that can be safely stored inside or outside your facility and can be relied upon for years of commercial use.

Our drum rotators use 7 gauge steel and 100% welded bodies. Our iconic green paint coats the entire product to protect it from rust and corrosion in the event of outdoor usage. Compare these features with alternative hoppers and storage solutions to see the Roura difference.

Dependable Load Capacity

Our drum rotator has a load capacity of 6,000 pounds. Thanks to the reliable steel construction, durable forklift channels and innovative design, you can rely on your rotator. Load up 55 gallon drums with loose steel scrap, concrete debris, oil or virtually any other material without overloading your forklift rotator.

The height and depth of our rotator allow for a range of drum sizes and designs. While the rotator is designed to handle standard 55 gallon drums, you can adjust the safety handles to secure a shorter or taller drum design. This versatility helps you avoid investing in multiple rotator options for numerous drum styles.

Custom Sizes

Not satisfied with the standard dimensions or load capacity of our drum rotator? We take custom orders for drum handling equipment, self dumping hoppers, rotating products and other storage solutions. Work with our design team to alter the shape, weight rating, color or other features of your new rotation product.

A custom product is made with the same commitment to quality materials and manufacturing processes. Work closely with our engineers to determine the best way to alter your rotator to fit your industry. If you use unusual drum sizes in common industrial processes, we can create a rotator that safely accepts your particular drum.

Standard Forklift Compatibility

All of our rotators use standard forklift channels. This allows you to use your existing equipment to handle and haul loads around your facility. Always inspect your forklift before using it with a drum rotator. Review its load capacity to prevent overloading your equipment.

As long as your forklift is capable of lifting the load and has standard, rotating forks, you can easily handle our rotator product.

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Recommended Forklift Drum Lift:

Drum Lifter Rotator

Roura Material Handling provides businesses with a range of lifting, storing and dumping hoppers to safely manage their products and waste materials. Supplement your self dumping hopper line with a forklift drum lift product to safely manage your 55 gallon drums. Explore the features of our drum rotator series and find out how you can use it to avoid common workplace hazards related to drum management.

Common Forklift Drum Lift Hazards

A drum lifter and tilter is designed to reduce workplace hazards and improve the efficiency of your process. Thoroughly inspect your lifter, forklift, drum and other equipment before use. Watch our operational videos to learn more about Roura product best practices. With careful use, you can minimize or remove these inefficiencies around your facility.

Handling Hazardous Materials

A barrel of hazardous materials needs to be handled carefully to avoid contamination. Emptying hazardous products can be particularly challenging. A drum lift rotator gives you a more secure way to lift and tip a drum. The channel at the top of our lifter reduces the risk of splashes while dumping a barrel.

Conveniently Hauling Drums

Typical 55 gallon barrels require specialized barrel lifting attachments for your forklift. Removing the standard forks and installing a barrel lifter is a time-consuming process, particularly if you have to perform it multiple times a day.

Our products allow your forklift operators to maneuver barrels safely with standard forklift forks. This cuts down on the time necessary to pick up, relocate and dump the contents of drums at your facility. Convenient hauling translates into more efficient operations, which add to your bottom line.

Easily Storing Loose Materials

Small metal components, construction site debris, old oil or other products are difficult to store in a traditional hopper. Barrels are a convenient way to store these small materials or liquid products, but there are logistical challenges associated with storing and handling 55 gallon drums. A rotator streamlines your process and avoids messy, inefficiency storage alternatives for these irregular products and debris.

Efficiently Dumping Products

Emptying drums has never been easier. Work with Roura Material Handling to create a safe way to dump barrels into larger holding tanks. A safety chain and adjustable latches promote workplace safety as your employees lift up barrels and dump them from an otherwise hazardous height.

These workplace hazards are easy to handle with a drum rotator from Roura Material Handling. Our basic rotation product is designed to comply with a number of workplace project specifications, but we’re always eager to craft custom solutions for your particular industry.

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