Safety is an important consideration when deciding on any type of self-dumping hopper. It’s imperative that you keep your workers safe while on the job, whether your industry is agricultural, commercial or industrial in nature. Self-dumping hoppers are safer than ever thanks to durable construction, tight fitting lids, seamless welding, self balancing features, and secure latches and locks. Training to use a self-dumping hopper is of the upmost importance to ensure a safe workplace environment.
Safety Features: Hopper
Standard with most all self-dumping hoppers manufactured today are secure trip lever latches that ensure the hopper will not discharge while in the middle of transport. This is especially handy when your forklift is traveling over rough or tricky terrain. Keeping the hopper from falling is of paramount importance, as this could cause a huge mess at the least or hurt or kill someone at the worst. Secure chains and cables are typically available as well to ensure the hopper doesn’t slide off the forklift forks when being transported or discharged. Some release handles systems allow the forklift operators to release the latch from where they are seated in the machine — even when at elevated heights. This offers a convenience factor in addition to safety, so that operators do not have to leave the vehicle to perform the job, keeping them out of harm’s way.
The accessories you can purchase to work in tandem with your self-dumping hoppers should also feature the same dedication to safety as the units themselves. Caster wheels are generally manufactured to operate smoothly and resist catching, particularly when rolled over trash, objects and dirt. Maneuverability is the top goal here, as a smooth rolling wheel ensures seamless operation of your unit. Covers should be watertight, offering drain channels to allow for water runoff so rain does not accumulate on the lid or inside, posing a safety hazard. Chains and snap hooks should be mounted to the covers of self-dumping hopper for securing the movable lid when dumping. Pull down cable systems and hopper release systems for multiple self-dumping hoppers present an additional safety feature for forklift operators who don’t have to risk their safety climbing onto the forklift trucks to make adjustments or activating the trip lever to dump the unit.
Safety is number one when it comes to the handling and operation of your self-dumping hopper. Ensure that all users and operators of the self dumping hopper understands all safety operations and protocol instructions of this equipment as it pertain to his and her plant, yard or facility before using any product associated with the self dumping hopper.