What Is a Concrete Hopper?

A concrete hopper is an extremely heavy duty self dumping hopper capable of handling extremely heavy materials such as concrete. We have five models available starting with 8,000-pound load capacities and holding up to 6 cubic yards. The largest Behemoth hopper boasts a 10,000-pound load capacity and capable of holding up to 10 cubic yards in volume.

Dump Hopper Construction

All behemoth self dumping hoppers use the same basic sturdy construction. Each hopper’s chassis is fabricated with a 7 gauge thick steel body using 3/16″ and 1/4″ carbon steel. Meanwhile, continuous welding improves hopper body integrity and durability.

Concrete hopper construction includes heavy-duty box tube bases for added stability, along with two bottom support channels and three rows of side and back angles for extra reinforcement. These models also feature base to body chains and continuous stops for additional support and strength.

Exceptional Load and Volume Capacities

You need plenty of room to transport and hold concrete, and each Roura concrete hopper is made to meet these needs. Our behemoth hoppers’ load capacities range between 8,000 and 10,000 pounds, while volume capacities span between 6 and 10 cubic yards. We currently offer five behemoth hopper models available in a variety of sizes:

  • Model 4T‐3/16‐EL‐1620: 91″ x 83″ x 70″
  • Model 4T-3/16-EL-1890: 91″ x 96″ x 70″
  • Model 4T-3/16-EL-2160: 91″ x 109″ x 70″
  • Model 5T-1/4-EL-2430: 91″ x 122″ x 70″
  • Model 5T-1/4-EL-2700: 91″ x 135″ x 70″

These alone may seem impressive, but keep in mind that these are just our standard models. Our engineers can design a custom solution based on your specs or modify one of these existing hoppers to fit your enterprise’s requirements. While you’re eyeing these hoppers for concrete transport, our behemoth models are perfect for any large volume material handling.

Common applications: Forgings, castings, glass, hot ash, concrete, heavy construction materials and minerals, demolition scrap, shipyard waste.

How Are Roura Concrete Hoppers Made?

Roura Material Handling sells the strongest hoppers available on the market today. We make our hoppers from thick, hot-rolled steel, heavy-duty tube bases, and pierced and extruded trunnion tracks with taper pins. Built with purpose, our hoppers are made to handle the toughest materials, like concrete, even in the most demanding environments.

Choosing the Right Hopper

How do you decide what hopper is best for you? There are a number of variables to consider. Here’s a closer look at the factors and features that you should consider before buying:

  • Load Capacity: Roura’s hoppers can adequately carry loads ranging from 8,000 to 10,000 pounds.
  • Volume Capacity: For smaller material handling needs, a 6-cubic yard volume capacity is likely enough. However, for more significant material handling needs, a 7-, 8-, 9-, or 10-cubic yard volume capacity may be necessary.
  • Dimensions: It’s also important to select a hopper that can dimensionally fit the environment you need it to be in. Our standard hoppers are 91 inches wide and 70 inches high. If you opt for a custom hopper, we can increase the width up to 135 inches.

Do you need a custom concrete hopper? Contact us today to learn more about our available options.

Improve Worksite Safety

Concrete hoppers don’t just help improve productivity, but jobsite safety as well. When you use a self-performing hopper, you’re taking the manual element out of certain material handling procedures. This helps reduce the risk of injuries from straining or overexertion. Additionally, self-performing hoppers can also reduce the risk of sudden injury.

A safer workplace improves employee morale and increases worksite productivity and organization. Order your concrete hopper today, and give your employees a safer and cleaner work environment.

concrete hopper

Customizable Features

dump hoppersBy themselves, our behemoth hoppers deliver safe and dependable material handling. However, don’t forget that you can select several key options to fine-tune your hopper. Available in lefthanded and righthanded versions, the extended auto-latch release handle allows the hopper to dump from an elevated height.

Choose between a waterproof tarp cover or a mesh tarp cover to ensure that materials don’t fall out of the hopper during operation. Our hoppers come coated in standard green safety enamel paint, but you can also select safety red, blue, orange or yellow as well as brown, white, black or gray.

Besides these features, we supply other enhancements to personalize your behemoth hopper for your operations. Crane eyes permit you to attach chains and lift the hopper, while base legs make it easier to use it with pallet jacks. Other options include a 1-inch drain plug as well as base-to-body chains.

Improve your material handling and storage situation with a reliable concrete hopper from Roura Material Handling. Our wide range of hoppers are designed to store raw materials and improve improve the application of concrete and other construction projects. Discover how you can accelerate your material handling process and improve the safety of your workplace with our dynamic self-dumping hoppers.

Why Choose a Roura Concrete Hopper?

Since 1915 Roura Material Handling has been a leader in steel fabrication. After years of successful fabrication of steel boxes and structural projects, our company turned to self-dumping hoppers. As a leader in self-dumping hoppers, we offer over 60 models and sizes of hoppers, in addition to custom fabrication projects and a wide range of accessories.

Work with a leader to provide safe, reliable material handling. Compare our products with our competitors to discover the dependability of Roura hoppers. Whether you’re mixing and pouring concrete for an on-site concrete slab project or storing materials at your warehouse, a concrete hopper is rugged enough to take on all your concrete projects.

Versatile Designs for All Your Work Projects

Our dependable hoppers are perfect for moving and storing concrete. However, there are many other applications where our hoppers can serve your business. When you’ve finished with your concrete project, use a hopper for these applications:

  • Food processing
  • Waste removal
  • Scrap storage and removal
  • Glass and recycling storage

Use your Behemoth concrete hopper for these additional projects or invest in a series of hoppers for all your needs. Pick up additional accessories, like a plastic lid, reusable tarp or metal banding cutter, to improve the flexibility and value of your Behemoth concrete hopper.

Don’t settle for an overly specialized piece of equipment. If your company isn’t handling concrete every day, invest in a hopper that’s capable of handling other materials and improving your workflow in other ways. An all-purpose hopper can be used throughout a manufacturing facility or industrial jobsite.

Convenient Transportation With a Forklift

Like all our hoppers, our concrete self-dumping hoppers are designed for convenient transportation with a standard forklift. Simply insert the forks of your standard forklift into the channels to lift and move your hopper. Always check your forklift for maximum weight limits before moving a full hopper.

Your self-dumping hopper has a number of safety features to ensure maximum safety while picking up, moving and dumping concrete. Enjoy convenient and safe dumping by using a pull lever from the comfort of your forklift. Because your hopper doesn’t require you or your employees to exit the forklift before dumping, it’s safe to dump even the largest hopper on your own.

Additional Hopper Uses

Our basic hopper design is flexible enough to be used in all these ways, but you can also choose a specialty self-dumping hopper for unique applications. As both manufacturer and design of leading hoppers, we offer a range of unique hopper styles that fit your industrial processing, warehouse storage or commercial construction needs.

Use a dewatering self-dumping hopper to effectively dewater materials in storage. A lined self-dumping hopper is an excellent way to
protect your hopper from scratches, scrapes and corrosion. Finally, a recycling hopper can include a convenient lid to protect moisture from entering your hopper or unpleasant odors from affecting the surrounding area.

Trust the Material Handling Experts

With more than 100 years of experience fabricating durable high-quality products, Roura Material Handling is an industry leader producing self-dumping hoppers, specialty hoppers, rotator boxes and stone products. Roura provides a wide range of material handling solutions designed for specific industrial applications, including custom products engineered for clients’ unique requirements.

Heavy-duty jobs need heavy-duty solutions. That’s especially true when it comes to your equipment choices. Everything including machinery, vehicles and accessories must provide durable, dependable and safe usage in every step of your production process. Contact us today for more details.