The Ideal Self-Dumping Hopper for Recycling Applications

The Ideal Self-Dumping Hopper for Recycling Applications

When you want a best-in-class recycling hopper that delivers outstanding return on investment, trust Roura Material Handling for exceptional quality and performance. We’ll support your green initiatives with a customizable product that meets the needs of your team or business.

Benefits of Roura Recycling Hoppers

Our self dumping hoppers provide you with the following benefits:

  • Versatility: Responsibly dispose of varied materials, including aluminum cans, cardboard, glass and plastic bottles, paper and any other recyclable product.
  • Craftsmanship: With bodies engineered from 12-gauge carbon steel and lids made from strong yet flexible molded plastic, our hoppers are built to last.
  • Productivity and cost-effectiveness: Boost your team’s productivity and cut your operating expenses with a hopper that meets all your recycling needs.
  • Safety: Maximize security of operation with a material handling solution that complies with the highest safety standards.

Hopper Customization Options

Our two standard recycling hoppers have 2,000-pound load capacities with volumes of 1 or 2 cubic yards. You can customize hopper features such as:

  • Mechanical hopper release (MHR) system: Left-hand and right-hand orientations
  • Handle system: Lift-up, auto-latch or pull-down handles with left-hand and right-hand orientations
  • Caster and wheel sets: Sets of four casters available in three sizes and five material types
  • Bases: Standard fork entry, ultimate-strength heavy-duty boxed tube, three-way entry and base legs
  • Colors: Five safety colors, four standard colors or custom options
  • Other options: Hasps, crane eyes, mast secure chain, side bolt latch, drain with plug and base-to-body chains

Alternatively, we can create a custom hopper design based on your specific recycling needs. Simply provide us with your detailed product requirements to receive a quote.

Contact Roura Material Handling Today

Let us help you choose and customize a recycling hopper that meets your team’s needs and exceeds your expectations. Contact our engineering and sales staff at either plant to discuss your specific needs and ideas.


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