The perfect self-dumping hopper for waste and refuse material handling applications.

The refuse self-dumping hopper has a lightweight plastic lid that reduces odor, keeps material dry, and repels pests.

Refuse hoppers are the perfect solution for waste, food scraps, recycling and more. Designed to cut down on odors and pest issues in your facility and on your property, they also make it easy to pick up and dump waste exactly where you need it.

Our line of self dumping hoppers includes one and two cubic yard sizes. These durable hoppers are made with 3/1-inch and 12-gauge carbon steel, offering incredible strength as you fill, lift and dump your hopper.

Features of Refuse Hoppers

All our hoppers include a number of durable features to keep your refuse safely secured and easy to manage.

  • Enamel coated 12-gauge or 10-gauge carbon steel
  • High-class sliced and ejected trunnion passage and taper pins
  • Standard forklift compatibility
  • Volume ranging from 1/8 cubic yard to 2 cubic yards
  • Load capacity ranging from 4,000 pounds to 8,000 pounds
  • Continuously welded body

We also offer a wide variety of lid and cover options for refuse hoppers. In addition to the features outlined above for our standard waste hoppers we also have the capability to create custom hoppers designed for unique applications. Contact Roura today to discuss your particular refuse storage and handling situation to see how our hoppers compare.

refuse hopper

Recommended Hoppers for Waste:

Lid and Cover Options for Your Hoppers

waste hopper

A key feature of refuse and waste hopper products by Roura is a sealed lid. While not all hopper situations require a lid, a refuse hopper or plastic lid hopper should be closed at the end of the day to avoid pests and odors.

Determine your storage area and type of refuse you’re handling. Consider one of these lid options to protect your property from unwanted smells, insects and wild animals:

  • Mesh tarp
  • Vinyl tarp
  • Plastic lid
  • Steel lid

Steel lids use the same reliable steel as the side walls of your scrap hopper, while plastic lids and tarps are lightweight and easy to open and close throughout the day. We offer a range of lid styles to fit your particular hopper dimensions, so work with our team if you’re ordering a lid for an existing hopper.

Custom Solutions for Your Facility

No two facilities deal with the same refuse or have the same plan in place for managing, recycling and removing unwanted materials. Because of the unique factors in your facility, work with our design team to create a custom self-dumping hopper or other material handling component for your process.

Start with an existing hopper design or request a quote for a piece of equipment that matches your unique logistical requirements. From a single hopper to an entire line of refuse management tools, we have the engineering and manufacturing solutions you need. Ask about adding casters, alternative dumping features, drain plugs and other custom features to easily manage your refuse.

Low Profile Convenience

Need a scrap hopper that can fit into tight areas and take up a minimal amount of space in your facility? Order a low profile refuse hopper from Roura Material Handling. These hoppers are designed to fit in tight areas and hold the maximum amount of materials at a convenient height.

Typical low profile heights range from 25 to 45 inches. Thanks to our in-house design team, we can accommodate any height, width and length requirements that you may need to operate in your facility.