Streamline your facility and improve the safety of your operations with 55 gallon drum handling equipment by Roura Material Handling. Our drum rotator allows you to store, move and empty 55 gallon drums in a safe and efficient manner.

Durable Designs

Reinforced steel, expert welding and industry-leading designs are just a few features that set our equipment apart. We use 5/16-inch and 1/4-inch steel for all our hoppers and rotators. An innershield welding process creates a reliable seam that can withstand heavy use.

Once the full steel piece is complete, our signature green enamel paint job protects it from weather conditions and offers you an easy-to-spot piece of equipment.

If you approve of the durability and efficiency of our drum handling equipment, consider investing in a self-dumping hopper or other piece of rotator equipment to manage other job site refuse or raw materials.

Versatile Use

Our 55 gallon drum handling equipment gives you the flexibility you need to handle multiple barrel sizes and contents. Thanks to the adjustable rails and sturdy construction, you can load your drum handling equipment with a bulky barrel full of raw materials, an empty drum ready to be filled and anything in between.

As long as your 55 gallon drum doesn’t exceed the weight rating of our rotator or your forklift, you can use this setup for your material handling needs.

Custom Features

Our engineers and fabricators at Roura Material Handling work together to craft 55 gallon drum handling equipment and other material handling products. Because we design and manufacture all of our own equipment, we’re proud to offer fully customizable solutions.

Discuss your typical barrel, box or other product that needs to be handled and dumped. We can offer you a custom solution to handle your products and improve your business operations.

55 gallon drum handling equipment

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Benefits of Roura Drum Handling Equipment

Compared to a barrel grabber or other forklift attachments, the Roura Material Handling 55 gallon drum handling equipment offers a safe, convenient and fast way to handle and empty your 55 gallon barrels. Explore the benefits of using a drum rotator vs. a drum grabber or other tool to see how our products can improve your industrial operations.

Review the ways our 55 gallon drum lifter can improve your commercial operations and solve your material handling problems. Explore the common material handling problems your facility may face and how to overcome these obstacles.

Common Material Handling Problems

Handling materials on the job site or at your commercial facility can be a challenge. Without the right safety practices, dependable equipment and convenient material handling solutions, the typical tasks surrounding material handling can slow down your facility. Keep your employees safe and enjoy efficient material handling with our drum lifter and tilter. Find out how our equipment can help you avoid these common problems.

Workplace Hazards

There are many hazards associated with improper material handling. If your employees are attempting to lift, haul or dump barrels without our 55 gallon drum lifter, they may be at risk of one or more of these incidents:

  • Back injuries and strain from lifting overweight drums
  • Crushing injuries from falling drums
  • Material spills and related hazards from improperly secured drums

These hazards can be avoided by using our drum handling equipment. When your team uses a Roura drum rotator, they can avoid these injuries by safely securing and lifting 55 gallon drums.

Lack of Specialized Drum Handling Solutions

Some workplaces simply don’t have the right equipment to handle full drums. A 55 gallon drum full of liquid or loose material can be too heavy to safely lift by hand, but it’s also difficult to secure equipment to safely lift and dump these containers.

Choose our handling equipment to fill in the gaps of your material handling strategy. A drum rotator and a forklift can transfer materials from barrels to larger hoppers or safely transport barrels around your facility. Our drum handling equipment is specialized enough to handle these projects quickly, but versatile enough to be compatible with a range of barrel dimensions and weights.

Improper Tools for a Forklift

A forklift is the workhorse of many industrial facilities. Because you’ve already invested in forklifts and forklift training, it can be difficult to invest in other motorized material handling equipment. Other material handling solutions for your 55 gallon drums may require you to purchase and maintain additional equipment, rather than utilizing your existing machinery.

Grabber tools also utilize existing forklifts. These tools may appear easy to use, but they can be more limited in their scope. Many drum grabbing attachments are only designed to lift drums, rather than rotate them. These devices leave drums more exposed to the elements and physical damage, compared to the protective walls of a Roura drum lifter.

Overly Complex Equipment

Roura drum handling equipment is easy to maintain and easy to operate safely with your existing forklifts. Instead of investing in complex training courses and additional safety protocols, our equipment is easy for forklift-trained employees to operate. Straightforward equipment means straightforward training to streamline your operations and keep your employees hauling material around your facility.

Detailed operational videos help your employees easily operate a Roura drum handler. It’s important to review safety information for any equipment you use, but these devices rely on your traditional forklift to power them. As long as your employees remain up-to-date on forklift best practices, learning to use a Roura drum lifter is an easy and efficient process.

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