strongest self dumping hopper

Self dumping hoppers come in many shapes, sizes and specialized designs. Because of the sheer variety of hoppers and other forklift attachments, it can be difficult to determine the best hopper for your company or specific project. However, if you’re looking for the strongest hopper around, discover why Roura Material Handling steel hopper is one the strongest, most rugged on the market.

Why a Self Dumping Hopper?

These dynamic pieces of equipment are excellent ways to add versatility to your forklift and provide maneuverable and flexible storage solutions. A self dumping hopper can store any dry bulk material, whether cold or hot and be conveniently picked up by a forklift. A simple pull cable allows you to dump your hopper into a larger dumpster, onto a trailer or on the ground at a job site.


Like most self dumping hopper manufacturers, we use stainless steel construction for our hoppers. Austenitic stainless steel is hot dipped galvanized for maximum durability. What sets a Roura hopper apart is the thickness of the steel used.

Steel and other metals can be measured in inches or gauge. Most stainless steel hoppers use 3/16-inch steel, which still provides modest protection and strength when handling most materials. However, our hoppers use a full 1/4-inch steel and 5/16-inch steel for our larger bases.

Thicker steel construction is one of the most apparent ways to ensure a hopper is stronger. It not only helps your hopper avoid being dented, crushed or dinged during normal use, it also allows you to hold a heavier load.


Another way to increase the strength of a self dumping hopper is the design. With high-class ejected and sliced trunnion track and durable taper pins, our hoppers are far more resistant to normal wear and tear. Frequent use of the self dumping feature can cause other pivot points to wear to a dangerous level.

Compare channels on self dumping hoppers before purchase. Small channels make it difficult to line up the forks, which can slow down your forklift operator. Our 3-inch channels are not only large enough for easy fork placement, but they also have open bottom sides to avoid debris collecting in them.

If a hopper isn’t the design you’re looking for, consider a rotator box. These versatile boxes can also be easily transported by a forklift and have impressive load limits.


Even the sturdiest metal is only as good as its weakest point. Our hoppers are hand welded for superior support. High-temperature welding not only offers deep weld penetration but also improves the strength of the hold. Larger hoppers use corner supports for even more corner support.

Be cautious of hoppers that don’t advertise their welding technique. There are many ways that companies can cut corners with their welding in order to save money. However, inferior welding techniques compromise the entire structure of your hopper.

Custom Applications

For multi-purpose use, our largest and strongest hopper is the Behemoth. This heavy-duty hopper boasts some impressive features, including

  • Up to 10,000-pound capacity
  • Volume up to 10 cubic yards
  • Pierced and extruded trunnion track
  • Continuous welded

However, if you’re looking for more specialized strength, we offer more than 60 different sizes and models. As a manufacturer, we can also customize your product to fit your exact needs. Whatever your definition of strength, we can provide the right stainless steel hopper for the job.

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Our hoppers are used in construction sites, woodworking shops, food processing plants and agricultural industries. Whether you need a convenient dumpster or a bulk storage container, a self dumping hopper can do the job. Learn more about our strongest hopper designs by giving contacting us today