self dumping hopper with wheels

Clients from many industries count on Roura self dumping hoppers to improve efficiency, economy and safety in their material handling operations. Our self dumping hoppers with wheels offer even more utility and versatility, giving you additional transport and maneuvering options.

When forklift transport is limited, our wheeled self-dumping hoppers allow you to move your materials over dirt, debris, water, dry ground or smooth surfaces. No matter how heavy your loads are, we have hoppers that can transport them safely and effectively.

Wheel and Caster Options for Every Environment

You may already know that Roura Material Handling offers self-dumping hoppers in a large selection of sizes, capacities and customizable add-ons. Our removable caster and wheel sets can be built onto virtually any self-dumper, available in a huge range of combinations to meet your operational requirements.

Each caster/wheel set contains two swivel rear casters and two rigid front casters. Customize your self dumping hopper with casters and wheels crafted from sturdy materials designed to handle your production environment:

  • Ductile iron: ideal for rough floors with metal chips and debris
  • Semi-steel: designed for large-sized hoppers on rough flooring
  • Polyurethane: non-marking, quiet rolling and resists oil, water, grease and most solvents
  • Phenolic: quiet, easy rolling, non-marking, spark-proof and ideal on smooth or rough floors
  • Polyolefin: high shock and impact tolerance, resistant to most chemicals and usable on smooth or rough floors
  • Rubber tied: quiet rolling, shock absorbing and ideal for use on smooth floors with light loads

Each swivel wheels is mounted on a kingpinless swivel rig. We also offer removable caster pads, which help you more easily remove and attach our casters. Crafted from heavy-gauge steel, each pad features a positive steel enclosure for the caster mounting plate to slide directly into the pad.

After securing the nut to the bolt, each caster stays firmly in place. Removal is just as simple: unfastening the nut and sliding the caster from the bracket. With this convenient accessory, you can quickly swap out damaged casters using common hand tools and avoid significantly slowing down operations.

Custom Hopper Solutions

removable casters

You’ve seen some of the options and benefits with our self dumping hoppers with wheels, but don’t forget that we also provide customized hopper solutions. Since we innovated self-dumping hoppers, we can modify any existing product or engineer a new hopper to meet your unique handling requirements.

Both our standard and custom hoppers are the strongest in the industry and can accommodate a wide range of volume and load capacities. We fabricate our dumpers using continuous weld and 12-gauge thick steel bodies, giving them the superior strength and you depend on.

You can also request customization with our add-on features in your hopper build: base styles, mechanical handle releases, handle system styles, covers, drains and base legs. Our hoppers usually come with our standard green enamel finish, but other choices include safety red, yellow, orange and blue along with brown, black, gray and white.

Our experienced sales and engineer staff are ready to help you build or improve your existing material handling processes. Just reach out to us and let them know what you need.

Over a Century of Exceptional Quality

Since 1915, Roura Material Handling has fabricated dependable and smartly designed products with the highest quality materials and manufacturing standards. We’re proud to offer superior material handling solutions that provide the safety, durability and value our customers need.

Our self-dumping hoppers save time, money and manpower for clients in several industries including solid waste management, food processing, agricultural, manufacturing and construction. To learn more, get your questions answered or request a custom-designed hopper for your enterprise, just complete our contact form. You can also call our Michigan headquarters at (800) 968-9070 or our Mississippi office at (800) 654-9147.