Self-dumping hoppers are convenient attachments that allow for easy loading, transportation, and dumping of materials and waste. When it comes to these hoppers, nobody does it better than Roura.

Our self-dumping forklift hoppers come in a wide array of sizes, ensuring you can find the best one for your needs. Durable and reliable, our hoppers are constructed with 12- and 10- gauge hot-rolled carbon steel, and they feature hand-welded “innershields” to ensure longevity even for heavy loads.

When you’re looking for strength and convenience, you’re looking for Roura.

Why Should You Choose Roura’s Self-Dumping Hoppers?

At Roura, we take pride in offering safe, durable, and strong self-dumping forklift hoppers for a range of industries including construction, agriculture, mining, waste management, milling, and manufacturing.

There are many reasons why our self-dumping hoppers are superior to other brands, among them being:

  • Easily Transportable: You can move our hoppers around your worksite with just a forklift.
  • Versatility: We offer a range of custom-design features, including auto-latch systems, pull-down release handles, wheel attachments, and various base types.
  • Durability: As previously mentioned, we construct our self-dumping forklift hoppers with thick, hot-rolled carbon steel, making it ideal for harsh environments.
  • Small & Heavy Load Capacities: No matter the application, we have the right hopper for you. Some models offer a 2,000-pound load capacity while others offer up to 6,000 pounds.

Choosing the Right Hopper

Not sure what type of self-dumping forklift hopper you need? We recommend looking at the lift capacity of your forklift as well as the size of the tines on your forklift. Forklift tines come in a range of dimensions, including 16 inches (407 millimeters), 20 inches (508 millimeters), and 25 inches (635 millimeters). When you have this information, it will make it easier to find a hopper that accommodates your needs. Our team at Roura is also happy to help you find and select the right hopper.

Multiple Sizes and Volume Capacities

Roura’s self-dumping forklift hopper comes in several sizes, as well as volume and load capacities. Our smallest is the 2T-3/16-SL-1/3, with a load capacity of 4,000 pounds. Measuring 48 by 39.5 by 24 inches, this hopper can hold a volume of up to 1/3 cubic yards.

We also offer 6,000-pound forklift hoppers, with the largest capable of holding 1 cubic yard of material. The 3T-3/16-270 measures 65 by 39.5 by 37.5 inches.

Our Rugged series include these 4,000-pound and 6,000-pound hoppers, but we offer smaller capacities to meet your needs. Durable series models can hold 2,000 and 4,000 pounds, ideal for lightweight material storage and transport.

self dumping forklift hopper

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A Quick Guide to Forklift Dumping Hoppers

forklift dumping hopperThe self dumping hopper revolutionized material handling. As the developer of this innovative technology, Roura designs forklift dumpers to exceed industry standards for strength, durability and performance.

We understand that material handling isn’t a one-size-fits-all operation, so we’ve crafted a wide range of hoppers to meet our clients’ unique needs. Whether you’re transporting raw product, refuse, recycling or heavy-duty materials, a Roura forklift hopper can improve the safety, efficiency and cost savings of your operations.

How Our Forklift Dumpers Work

Though our forklift dumpers are sturdy and sophisticated, their operation is deceptively simple. Every hopper features a sturdy base that allows it to slide onto a forklift vehicle. Near the base of the hopper, a rotating mechanism tips the container forward to release its contents.

Depending on the type of release system you choose, your forklift operator can either dump the contents while sitting inside the vehicle or standing at a safe distance from the hopper.

Once dumping is complete, the hopper returns to its standard position and can be transported again via the forklift. This position is locked and secured so that the hopper does not move on its own. Thanks to this design, your workers can transport and dump its contents safely.

Innovative Hopper Release Systems

We offer multiple release system options for your new hopper, all available in both left-handed and right-handed versions. Our most popular is the Mechanical Hopper Release System, designed for operation while seated inside the forklift.

This system features a lock bolt with an adjustable pulley rail and a retractable pull handle. The handle attaches to the forklift’s overhead guard frame, allowing the operator to reach it easily.

Once the hopper is elevated and ready to dump, the operator simply pulls the handle. The container unlocks from its secure position, dumps the contents, then rotates and locks back into place.

You have a couple of other handle release options for your self dumping forklift hopper. Pull-down handles permit the hopper to be dumped from elevated heights. This system features a durable cable with a pull handle connected to the rear of the dumper’s body. Once the forklift is driven to the dumping point, the driver gets out and pulls the handle. The contents are dumped from a safe distance, protecting the forklift operation.

We also offer an auto-latch system that keeps the hopper in place until it’s ready to dump. With fewer moving parts and pinch points, the auto-latch allows secure and fluid dumping.

Hopper Base Designs to Meet Your Needs

Roura’s forklift hopper typically comes with a couple of different base types. The open channel base is the standard option on all our Durable series hoppers, along with our Rugged and Ultimate models in capacities of 2.5 cubic yards or less. Also known as the standard fork entry base, the open channel version offers plenty of support for hoppers used in typical material handling operations.

For added strength and dependability, hoppers with 3 cubic yards and larger capacities feature the boxed tube base design. It’s constructed from ¼-inch plate steel on our smaller hoppers and 5/16-inch tube steel for hoppers holding 1 cubic yard and larger volumes. This base is standard on Ultimate and Behemoth models, recommended for operations involving heavy loads or rougher than normal handling.

For material handling with unique requirements, we offer two more base types to choose from. Three-way fork entry bases permit forklift entry from three sides. You can also select base legs, which support your hopper at an elevated height. Base legs come in heights between 4 and 12 inches. More customizable possibilities are available, including additional reinforcements and closed fork pockets. Our engineering team can modify or create a base design for your specific handling needs.

Selecting Your Self Dumping Forklift Hopper

Now that you have a basic idea of our hoppers’ construction and basic features, you can better select models that fulfill your material handling needs. Our Durable series forklift-capable dumpers excel with lighter materials such as sawdust, ash or glass. Rugged series models, our next size up, are ideal for transporting heavier substances like coal, metal scrap, rubber or construction materials.

Ultimate models are best for denser materials such as brick, demolition debris, castings. Finally, Behemoth hoppers are perfect for handling hot ash, concrete, castings and shipyard debris.

While you’re evaluating your material handling operations, don’t forget that both our forklift-ready and heavier-duty hoppers can be customized with a wide range of features. Depending on the model you choose, you can add watertight steel, vinyl tarp or mesh tarp covers. We also offer several caster/wheel set options including semi-steel, rubber-tired and polyurethane. Crane eyes with base to body chains, along with base legs, drains and slide-bolt latches, can be added to many models.

Our hoppers feature the standard Roura Green finish of enamel green paint, but you can also select safety red, blue, orange or yellow as well brown, white, gray or black.

Custom Hopper Designs

At Roura, we’ve designed forklift and heavier-duty hoppers for a wide range of industries: construction, waste management, food production, agriculture, manufacturing, mining, milling and more. We’re innovators, just like many of our clients, so we understand that unique challenges require forward-thinking solutions. With this in mind, we also offer custom-crafted hoppers designed to your distinct specifications.

We can modify an existing model or create a brand-new design based on your operational needs. Simply choose the “Custom” option under our Self-Dumping Hopper menu and enter your product requirements to get started. You can also contact our sales staff to discuss your needs.

Innovating for More Than 100 Years

Roura Material Handling was founded in 1915 by Joseph Roura, an engineer with expertise in structural steel. We’ve broadened and applied that expertise to the self dumping forklift hopper and other styles of dumpers, producing the best transport and storage options in the material handling field.

Looking forward, we continue to find innovative solutions as our clients’ industries grow and change. We’re proud to provide world-class products to companies all over the United States.