We’ve Perfected the Self-Dumping Hopper

We not only designed the first self-dumping hopper, we’ve perfected it.

Our hoppers reduce operating costs and increase your productivity while also helping to ensure worker safety. We build them strong, so you can rely on their ability to withstand repeated heavy use. Depending on the model, our self-dumping bins and dumping hoppers offer features such as taper pins, strong and lightweight lids, capacities up to 10,000 pounds and our patented exclusive safety catch.

A Wide Range of Models To Meet a Wider Range of Requirements

Whatever needs you may have for your self-dumping hoppers or self-dumping bins we have a model that will fit your application, or we can custom-design a specialized unit for you.

These are some of the uses that our self-dumping hoppers can be applied to:

  • Food Processing: Our hoppers easily handle organic, restaurant or grocery store waste. There won’t be any worries about pests or odors and you’ll be assured of complete safety with both hot and cold food waste.
  • Scrap Recycling: Whether your business produces metal, paper, plastic or glass scrap we have a hopper in the size and capacity range to meet your needs.
  • Glass Handling and Storage: Working with glass can be worrisome for some businesses, but our hoppers will ease minds and provide the required safety.
  • Outdoor Business Waste: Paper, cardboard and lawn refuse will stay dry and remain organized for easy removal with the right onsite hopper.
  • Garbage and In-plant Refuse Handling: Regardless of what type of refuse your business produces, there’s a Roura hopper that will effectively control odors and keep pests away.
  • You-Name-It: We’ll design and construct a specialized hopper based on your specific needs. Our engineering staff will answer any questions and also provide expert recommendations.

Find Out How the Right Hopper Will Improve Your Workflow

What type of process or project would you like to improve upon? Contact us today and let us know. Whether you need to recycle, de-water, store or remove the materials you work with, we’ll show you how to increase your productivity and save on costs. We look forward to hearing from you!