sawdust hopper

Keep your jobsite or manufacturing facility clear with a premier sawdust hopper from Roura Material Handling. Our hoppers are constructed with durable carbon steel and expert engineering, so you can be confident with your dust and sawdust storage and removal hopper. Discover how you can create a customized hopper for your dust containment needs.

Reliable Sawdust Storage and Removal

Depending on the design, you can receive a sawdust hopper that is capable of holding up to 10 cubic yards and 10,000 pounds. Our hoppers use 3/16-inch and 1/4-inch carbon steel with a durable coating, so you can store your sawdust removal container indoors or outdoors.

Keep your self dumping hopper at the jobsite as you fill it with sawdust and other construction waste before removal at the end of the job. Or streamline your woodworking manufacturing process by utilizing efficient sawdust transportation options.

Custom Dust Hoppers

Roura is a leader in high-quality dust hopper designs. As an industry-leading provider of all-purpose and specialized hoppers, we work with manufacturing facilities, industrial plants and construction companies to find a reliable storage solution for waste products, raw materials and bulk parts. Large factories and small businesses alike can find affordable solutions for their waste removal processes.

Depending on your company and your project, you may need a custom inlet size for your hopper. A smaller inlet prevents dust from contaminating the air, while a larger inlet allows a higher fill volume for increased efficiency. Discuss your needs with our engineers to arrive at the optimal dimensions for your dust hopper.

From a single sawdust hopper in a woodworking shop to a series of reliable, uniform hoppers for your industrial manufacturing facility, Roura Material Handling can handle your manufacturing needs.

Custom Designs for Specialized Service

Work with our engineers to create a custom self-dumping hopper for your company. Because we design and manufacture all of our products, we can create a custom solution for your storage and waste removal needs. Here are just a few areas that you can tailor your hopper for a versatile storage solution or highly specialized dust contamination collection unit:

  • Physical dimensions
  • Thickness of steel walls
  • Inlet size
  • Self-dumping base
  • Casters
  • Lids and covers
Dump Hopper with plastic lid by Roura

Save on your investment by choosing a thinner gauge steel for your dust collection unit, or invest in a reliable, heavy-duty hopper for reliable performance. The physical dimensions of your hopper can be altered to accommodate your work environment and safely navigate any area you need it to.

If you need an easy-to-open lid, consider a sturdy plastic option. For a complete seal that protects your environment from dust and sawdust, select a steel lid and latch system. Casters allow your employees to maneuver a smaller hopper by hand, while a self-dumping system gives your forklift operator a convenient way to store, transport and dump dirt, debris and sawdust from your workspace.

For vibrant advertising and a unified company culture, select the custom color choice that matches your branding. Your hopper can be painted in any color industrial enamel that you wish, so your customers can recognize your job site and company. Or, use color options to color-code your sawdust, dust and other materials for improved organization.

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We service a wide range of industries with dependable hoppers. From garbage, scrap and dust cleanup to raw material storage and transport, a Roura hopper gives you a durable way to protect your products, remove waste and keep your shop floor clear and safe.

Don’t wait to contain your contaminants and clear your shop from sawdust. Contact us today to learn more about our dust hopper options, or request a custom hopper quote to get started with your order. Enjoy efficient organization, improved cleanup and a healthier, safer work environment for your employees with Roura self-dumping hoppers.