Bottom Drop Box

Roura Material Handling is proud to announce the newest addition to our outstanding line of self-dumping hoppers, specialty hoppers and rotator boxes: the Roura Bottom Drop Box.

This strong, heavy-duty, sturdily constructed bottom drop box easily holds your heaviest loads, which you can then transport by forklift to the drop container.

But the really unique thing about this drop box is that you don’t need to dump it. You simply activate the hopper bottom door openers to safely, quickly and efficiently drop the load into the container. Furthermore, our Bottom Drop Box shape makes it a great choice for times when you’re working in a small space.


Measuring a compact 66″ long x 49″ wide x 43″ high, Roura’s Model BDB-540 Bottom Drop Box weighs 1,087 pounds. When its bottom double doors are open, the overall height increases to 60″. The box has a capacity of two cubic yards and a load capacity of 6,000 pounds.

We construct this unique bottom drop box from 7 gauge steel with a 100% welded body. A retractable handle release system is included.

As for colors, the standard color is the iconic Roura green. But we can completely customize the color to suit whatever needs your company may have. Whether you want a single, bold color or a special color combination, plain or with the addition of your logo, brand name or other company information, we pride ourselves on providing you with a memorable and recognizable look.


You may rest assured that your Roura bottom drop box is safe for your forklift operator to use. He or she conducts all transport and dumping operations from the safety of the forklift truck without having to leave its seat.

Before beginning operation, your forklift operator should make sure that the load doesn’t exceed 6,000 pounds and that the entire load is beneath the front and back fork pockets at the top of the box. Then, he or she performs the following procedure:

  • Secure the box to the forklift truck with the heavy-duty secure chain.
  • Place the slide bolt latch in the closed position.
  • Remove the magnetic trip lever handle from the box and secure it to the forklift guard frame.
  • Widen the forklift prongs, if necessary, so they match the width of the fork pockets.
  • Insert the forklift prongs through both the front and back fork pockets.
  • Move the box to the dumping container.
  • Raise the box to a safe dumping height and position.
  • Place the slide bolt latch in the open position.
  • Pull the handle of the magnetic trip lever to release the load into the container.
  • Resecure the trip lever handle to the forklift guard frame.
  • Back up the forklift truck until the box is completely away from the dump container.
  • Lower the box until its bottom doors meet the ground.
  • Back up the forklift truck until the bottom doors fully close and lock.
  • Place the slide bolt latch in the closed position.
  • Move the box to its desired new position.

We provide these instructions for your review whenever you wish in our brief bottom drop box instructional video.

All in all, Roura’s bottom drop box represents the latest way in which we are fulfilling our mission of offering the most durable, innovative and affordable hoppers and boxes on the market to meet our customers’ wide variety of needs. We firmly believe that Joseph Roura, who founded our company in 1915, would be proud of this newest addition to our product line.

And we’re just as sure that you will find that this unique bottom drop box will serve you well in a variety of waste and materials removing jobs.