If you’ve got a self dumping hopper or two within your manufacturing plant or warehouse facility to boost production, you probably already know how efficient they are in the transport of materials. Did you know there are several accessories and products that work in conjunction with those hoppers to even further increase your production value?

Need a way to store large slabs of granite or stone?  Check out a granite a frame or look into incorporating granite racks into the work space of your adjacent warehouse. Want your hopper to become mobile? Buy some caster wheels.

Looking to get a base that works with your particular forklift? Get a specialty base with modified fork pocket dimensions and now you have a forklift dumpster.

These are just a few of the accessories you can purchase to complement your self-dumping hopper.


Depending on what kind of self-dumping hopper you have and floor conditions, there are many caster wheel combinations you can purchase to turn your stationary hopper into a mobile one that can be moved from place to place as needed. Sets typically include two rear swiveling casters and two fixed front ones.

But that’s not all. You can even choose the material of your wheels, which range from polyurethane to rubber. Depending on what you’re looking for, you can get wheels that feature quiet operation, non-marking materials, shock absorbance and impact resistance.


Covers for your self-dumping hoppers range from water-tight steel covers ideal for heavy-duty applications to lightweight plastic lids. You can even purchase mesh or vinyl tarps for easy removal.


If you need a specialty base, you should have a wide range of options available to you, such as open channel and boxed tube bases, three-way fork entry bases, base legs and even modifications to standard models that feature additional reinforcements, closed fork pockets, or fork pocket dimensions that are unique to your industry.

Custom made bases appeal to clients who can’t find what they need when it comes to standard bases and need something configured just for them.


While not technically an accessory, you can customize your self-dumping hoppers and their accessories by color coding. This makes it easy to identify between different uses of hoppers.

Custom color combinations are usually available to help you further discriminate between models and make it easy for your workers to know the purpose of each self-dumping hopper. This takes out the guesswork from the whole process.


There are several parts and accessories you can choose for your self-dumping hopper depending on your needs, such as three-way bases, push handles with your casters, drain hole/plug and crane lifting lugs — all designed with your convenience in mind.