Roura’s Band Cutter option is a safe and efficient way to get rid of your used banding material.

The band cutter must be mounted on a dumping hopper. To use, simply insert the steel banding into the Roura banding option. Then, use the band cutter to cut long and dangerous lengths of steel banding into the scrap hopper or rotator box.

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At the end of a long day on the job, banding is frustrating, difficult and dangerous to clean up. Excess banding can be sharp, which makes it dangerous to pick up and compact by hand. The Roura band cutter is a specialized tool that easily mounts on your self-dumping hopper for safe, convenient cleanup. The best accessory for hoppers cuts done on cleanup time and reduces the risk of on-the-job accidents.

Safe Operation

Simply mount the band cutter to the side of your self dumping hoppers or rotator boxes. Our band cutting tool is designed to easily and securely mount to any of our hoppers for efficient use. While you still need to manually insert and cut the banding, you won’t have to handle the broken-down pieces by hand again. Lift the hopper or rotator box with a forklift and safely dump it wherever you’re storing scrap materials.

On-the-job injuries cost you time and money. Don’t put yourself or your employees at risk by collecting and compressing steel banding by hand. Quickly cut up this sharp, frustrating job refuse with a quality tool designed for the job.

Convenient Cleanup

Roura band cutters dramatically reduce the cleanup time for a variety of jobs. Remove banding from a construction site, warehouse, production facility or your home workspace. Cut a range of gauges of steel to a convenient length. The cut pieces will fall into your hopper to prevent additional handling. Saving time at the end of the day translates to reduced overhead.

Cutting banding with hand steel cutters creates additional time. Employees must pick up the material, cut it, then pick up the cut piece to store it in your hopper. An attached band cutter reduces the time it takes to break down this material. The heavy-duty cutter also requires less strain to cut through heavy gauge steel, making it desirable for large projects.

Use a cover or tarp to prevent water or other debris from entering your hopper as you store your discarded steel scrap. Your hopper can handle a large amount of banding, so a cover can create a long-term storage solution for scrap banding and other materials until you’re ready to haul it to a recycling center or recycle it in your facility.

Versatile Accessory

As a leader in self-dumping hopper designs, Roura is proud to offer a band cutter as another accessory in a long line of useful components. Customize your hopper to include a cutter, release system, casters, base or unique hopper color. A cutter, in conjunction with other accessories, can create the specialized storage and recycling tool you need to reduce wasted space at your facility or to keep your job site clean.

Since 1915 Roura has been a leader in structural steel and, since the 1920s, self-dumping hoppers. We know steel, from heavy-duty I-beams to simple steel banding. Work with skilled engineers to find a dynamic way to store and remove job refuse. Our band cutter is designed to handle a range of banding, but we can also create a custom solution for your particular project.

Roura Quality and Reliability

Don’t settle for anything but the best. Choose the self-dumping hopper that’s been around for 100 years and include the innovative accessories that make it the best after all this time. Attach our cutter to your Durable, Ultimate or Behemoth hopper for cutting power that matches the dependability of your hopper.

We manufacture cutting devices with the same level of materials and engineering as our self-dumping hoppers. Contact us at Roura Material Handling for any questions about your band cutter or relevant components. Ask about the many uses of a cutter tool and find out how you can easily install one on your hopper.