how to store stone slabs

Whether you’re a custom countertop manufacturer or installation company, storing large slabs of stone can be difficult. Improper storage can lead to costly damage, so find out how to store stone slabs effectively using storage racks and granite racks from Roura Material Handling.

Issues With Improper Storage

Despite the durable nature of installed granite and stone countertops, an uninstalled slab is a fragile item. Any bending or unsupported weight on the center of a slab can cause it to crack or fracture. This not only results in lost value and time, but can also create hazardous conditions for employees who are loading and unloading slabs.

A slab that is improperly stored may already be structurally compromised without any visible signs. Once an employee attempts to move this slab, it may break in half and collapse, resulting in injury. An injury is far more concerning than damaged materials, so your storage system should be foremost safe to add and remove slabs.

Storage Racks

One way to safely store slabs is a storage rack. These sturdy steel racks use a rail system with structural posts to hold individual slabs or slab bundles. Be sure to choose a rack that’s designed to store the necessary amount of product. Overloading a rack can create tipping, bending and breaking hazards.

Some racks are customizable, giving you the freedom to sort your bundles while they are in storage. Keep your bundles organized and keep remnants near the same material and pattern of slabs for easy installation of countertops and backsplashes.


a frames for stone

Another option for storage is an A-frame. This stone slab storage technique gives you a single-sided or double-sided rack to rest bundles or individual pieces of stone. This means you can only access one or two at a time, so you’ll need a new A-frame for each type of countertop material.

Granite A-frames are a great way to save on space. Because of the angle of storage, you don’t need as many structural posts in between granite pieces. This leaves you with a smaller storage footprint to accommodate more material in a confined space.

Additional Storage Features

Both A-frames and storage racks can come with a range of features designed to improve the convenience of your storage solution. Compare these additional items to see how you can improve the safety and efficiency of your slab storage:

  • Enamel paint
  • Adjustable posts
  • Floor-mounted cleats
  • Rubber tips

Enamel paint gives your storage racks and A-frames protection from the elements. Safely store your materials outside without worrying about rust and corrosion compromising the structure of your racks. At Roura Material Handling, we protect all our storage items with our signature green paint, or with a color of your choice.

Adjustable posts allow you to shrink or expand your storage racks as needed. This feature helps keep your products and employees safe.

Floor-mounted cleats are an essential feature for preventing tipping racks. These durable fasteners create a firm foundation for your fully loaded racks. Without cleats, you may experience an unsteady and hazardous storage system.

Finally, rubber tips on posts and A-frames is the final piece to keep your slabs safe. These convenient tips are a small feature, but they prevent scratches on your valuable granite slabs as you store them. It’s just one more reason to choose Roura Material Handling storage systems.

Safely Store Granite Slabs With Roura Material Handling

Shop for stone products today to enjoy efficient solutions to your storage problems. Don’t let full stone slabs or granite remnants create hazardous working conditions for your employees. Now that you know how to store stone slabs, it’s time to upgrade to reliable racks and A-frames from Roura Material Handling.