hopper dumpster

When your business is required to handle potentially harmful materials like unwanted chemicals or uneaten food in bulk, using a hopper dumpster (also known as self dumping hoppers) like ours can provide many benefits. Maybe you don’t know what a hopper dumpster is, or haven’t thought about the advantages of using one in your business. Here are just a few ways one of our dumpsters can make your business better.

1. Increased Safety for Employees

Anyone in the food and beverage industry understands the massive volume of food that gets thrown out. Whether it is unused food, expired ingredients or uneaten food a guest leaves behind, it all needs to be disposed of. The waste is typically thrown into a trash hopper or garbage hopper. Those in the chemical industry deal with chemical waste on a daily basis from the manufacturing of oil, natural gas and even metals. Anytime employees are exposed to waste material, there are risks involved.

We designed our steel self dumping hoppers to minimize the amount of contact employees have with these types of waste materials. Because anything put into this type of dumpster can be transported to an appropriate location or secure receptacle and emptied without requiring contact, the amount of germs, bacteria and other harmful particles employees touch can be greatly minimized. This both reduces the risk of employee contamination as well as your liability.

2. Greater Productivity

Imagine how much more efficient your business could be if you used one of our self-dumping hoppers. Instead of having to spend time manually emptying the waste, employees could simply pull a lever and watch it all drain out. This keeps your workspace cleaner, safer and more organized. In addition, it only takes one person to operate this type of dumpster, while similar large dumpsters can require multiple people or special equipment to empty. Therefore, the time employees spend emptying waste can be drastically reduced. The less time employees spend emptying the waste, the more they can devote to other tasks. This can make your entire business more efficient and productive.

You can also use a hopper dumpster to sort or store materials instead of manually transferring everything from a production area to a separate storage bin. This can allow you to stay organized and save time simultaneously. Some models attach easily to a forklift so you don’t have to worry about lifting or moving heavy loads. Tasks that used to be time-consuming like moving waste or transporting materials for storage can be accomplished much more quickly with our self-dumping hoppers.

3. Lower Operating Costs

If your business is anything like the majority of those in the food and beverage or chemical industries, big dumpsters are a necessity. Especially if your business is larger, the cost of dumpster rental and service can represent a significant portion of your operating costs. When you purchase steel self-dumping hoppers, you will no longer have to think about paying dumpster fees for the lifetime of your business. Our hoppers have a stainless steel body and galvanized steel base, and they are built to last. Designed with wear-resistance in mind, you can choose the size dumpster that works best for your business. We not only offer a variety of sizes but also have the capability to modify or customize a hopper if you have a unique situation.

Steel Self Dumping Hoppers

Roura Material Handling, Inc. has been working with steel since 1915, fabricating steel boxes since the late 1920s, and manufacturing self-dumping hoppers since the late 1940s. Our knowledge of the industry and standard of quality has given us and our products an impeccable reputation. Use our contact form or call one of our two locations in Michigan and Mississippi to start taking advantage of the benefits our dumpsters can provide today. We look forward to helping your business thrive.