Roura’s dump hopper starts with a foundation of super-strong steel – 10- and 12- gauge steel, to be precise. We use 3/16-inch and 1/4-inch plate steel, which is thicker than the industry standard. Our unique “innershield” hand weld process results in an extremely hot weld for unmatched strength.

Our heavy duty hoppers are outfitted with box tube bases. They’re constructed with ¼-inch plate steel on our smaller models and 5/16-inch tube for our larger versions. This distinctive design offers dependable durability for heavy load materials and aggressive handling operations.

Built for Superior Strength

You’ll notice that our heavy duty self dumping hoppers come in two basic models: the Ultimate and the Behemoth. Both offer load capacities from 8,000 to 10,000 pounds – perfect for handling heavy and bulky materials: castings, forgings, demolition debris, concrete, brick, stone, glass and other highly dense contents.

Ultimate hoppers are ideal for forklift use and come in volume capacities between ½ cubic yard and 5 cubic yards. We offer a wide range of sizes to accommodate your handling needs: Our smallest Ultimate hopper measures 48.5 by 39.5 by 31.5 inches, and our largest version measures 71 by 97 by 61 inches.

The Behemoth is designed for heavier material handling in harsher environments. This model is operated while on the ground and features added support: two bottom support channels and three rows of side and back angles on the hopper’s body.

We also include base-to-body chains and a continuous stop bar as additional reinforcements. With these features, the Behemoth delivers dependable handling for denser materials: hot ash, minerals, shipyard materials and heavy construction debris.

heavy duty self dumping hoppers

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Heavy Duty Hoppers Built Tough To Work Tough

dump hoppersRoura Material Handling invented the dump hopper. For over 70 years, we’ve provided material handling solutions to clients all over the United States. We make the strongest and most reliable hoppers in the industry, but we also innovate and create to meet our customers’ changing needs. Our heavy duty self dumping hoppers are perfect examples. In this quick guide, you’ll learn how these hoppers can improve your operations’ safety, efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Improved Safety With Release Handle Systems

Roura’s Ultimate and Behemoth heavy duty hoppers feature release handle systems engineered for safe and efficient dumping. Our Material Handle Release lets forklift operators dump hopper contents while still seated inside the vehicle. The MHR incorporates a lock bolt and an adjustable pulley rail. The retractable handle attached to the forklift’s guard frame, placed within easy reach of the forklift driver. Your operator then drives to the dumping point and pulls the handle to release the contents. Before and after dumping, the container is locked in a secure position. The MHR is available in both left- and right-handed versions.

Ultimate models also pull-down handle systems in both left- and right-handed options. Your operator can dump from an elevated height thanks to a cable system installed on the rear of the hopper. With the attached pull-down handle, the driver can stand at a safe distance away and dump the hopper.

Behemoth self-dumpers use an extended auto-latch release handle system. Like our other handles, the auto-latch ensures that your hopper stays in place until ready to dump. Its design uses fewer moving parts and pinch points for effortless, reliable and safe operation every time.

Customizable Designs and Features

Our Ultimate and Behemoth hoppers can be customized for your material handling applications. Add watertight steel, vinyl or mesh covers to protect your hopper’s contents. Casters and wheels allow your hopper to be transported across production area floors without a vehicle. Other base options include three-way entry and base legs, which support the dumper at elevated heights. We can also modify existing hopper models or create a custom hopper to meet your specifications.