Roura Material Handling is your one-stop shop for industrial hoppers. Our patented self-dumping hopper was first introduced to the market in the 1920s, and since then, our name has become synonymous with quality. 

In addition to our patented self-dumping hopper, we also offer a wide array of other products. If you need help selecting the right material handling solution for your business, keep reading this buyer’s guide.


green self dumping hopper with black lid resting on the ground

Roura Material Handling manufactures four families of standard self-dumping hoppers: Durable, Rugged, Ultimate, and Behemoth. Every self-dumping hopper is designed with 12- and 10-gauge carbon steel to maximize reliability, resilience, and safety. Your intended application will determine which industrial hopper you need.


Our Durable industrial hoppers have a volume capacity of up to five cubic yards and can handle anywhere from 2,000 to 4,000 pounds of waste.


Our Rugged hoppers can hold up to 8,000 pounds of waste, has a volume capacity of up to five cubic yards, and is constructed with three-sixteenth-inch steel plating.


Made to handle the harshest environments and applications, Roura’s Ultimate hoppers can hold up to 10,000 pounds of waste, has a volume capacity of five cubic yards, and are manufactured with one-fourth-inch steel.


Our largest heavy-duty hopper bin, the Behemoth, will carry up to five tons and can accommodate up to a massive 10 cubic yards!

Plastic Lid

We also offer industrial hoppers with plastic lids. The capacities on these hoppers range between 4,000 and 6,000 pounds and have volume capacities of up to 2.5 cubic yards. They are lightweight, durable, and excellent for keeping the material inside your hopper dry and protected.


Our engineers and welders can also customize an industrial hopper to suit your unique needs, or modify an existing hopper. Click here to start customizing your hopper!


dewatering hopper

Roura also designs and manufactures various standard Specialty self-dumping hoppers. Read below to learn more.

90 Degree

90 degree self-dumping hoppers can hold up to 2,000 pounds of waste, and is the perfect option for small spaces. This dumper returns back to its upright and lock position when lowered, and can dump to a full 90 degrees. You can also customize this hopper with steel-hinged or removable covers, crane eyes, tarps, and casters.


Our dewatering hoppers are ideal for the collection and drainage of wet materials, and can hold up to 6,000 pounds. We also offer three tarp options: watertight steel, vinyl, and mesh.


Roura’s Dross hoppers are perfect for collecting hot glass, forgings, and other heated materials. Load capacities range between 6,000 and 10,000 pounds and volume capacities range between one-half and 2 cubic yards. To improve functionality, you can also customize your Dross hopper with crane eyes and base legs.


Roura’s galvanized steel industrial hoppers are resistant to corrosion and excellent for collecting fishery waste, sewage, wastewater, and outdoor materials.


Our lined hoppers are equipped with a protective, skid-resistant coating that increases productivity and safety, and customized based on your application. This hopper is durable and best suited for heavy-duty applications.


Open-sided hoppers from Roura can hold between 4,000 and 6,000 pounds of waste, and are available in one- and and two-cubic yard volume capacities. They’re great for collecting lumber, metal, plastic, and other construction materials. You can also add a caster and wheel set, a colored enamel finish, side bolt latches, and base legs.


Use our lidded recycling hoppers to collect and protect paper, cardboard, plastics, aluminum, glass, and other recyclables. These industrial hoppers have load capacities up to 2,000 pounds and volume capacity range between one and two cubic yards.


With a 6,000 pound load capacity, Roura’s skeleton hoppers are ideal for collecting, transporting, and dumping scrap metals from machining operations.

Stainless Steel

Our stainless steel heavy-duty hopper bins are ideal solutions for collecting foods, beverages, and chemicals. Both volume and load capacities can be customized based on your needs.

Rotator Boxes

Drum Rotator

In addition to our heavy-duty hoppers, we also provide tough and sturdy rotator boxes in various designs. These boxes will help you increase production, enhance workplace safety, and lower costs. Read below for an in-depth look at our many models.

Chip Tub

Our standard Chip Tub rotator boxes are manufactured with welded carbon steel, equipped with drain plugs, and suitable for use with forklifts equipped with rotational two-way entry forks.


Roura’s Durable rotator boxes have load capacities of up to 2,000 pounds and volume capacities ranging from one-half to two cubic yards. They’re exceptional choices for collecting auto salvage materials, oil filters, and various bulky materials.


Roura’s Rugged rotator boxes are capable of holding up to 4,000 pounds and up to two cubic yards of bulk and other shredded materials.


This 55-gallon drum rotator box can hold up to 6,000 pounds and waste. They also feature adjustable arms for safe and efficient removal.


The heavy-duty Gaylord rotator boxes are specially designed for emptying content held inside cardboard corrugated (Gaylord) boxes. Both models are available in various load and volume capacities.

With Lid

We also offer optional lids for our rotator boxes that have load capacities as high as 4,000 pounds. Volume capacities range between one-half and two cubic yards.


Roura’s Ultimate rotator boxes can handle up to 6,500 pounds of material, and have a volume capacity range between one-half and three cubic yards. They are commonly used to collect auto salvage, steel processing scraps, and oil filters.


If our standard models aren’t the right solution for you, count on our experienced team to customize a new rotator box just for your application. Use our convenient form to get started on your custom order.

Find the Right Industrial Hopper Today

Roura has been America’s leading provider of heavy-duty hopper bins since the 1920s. Our experience, resources, and reputation are unmatched, and we look forward to earning your business. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our line of products.