At Roura Material Handling, we offer innovative storage options for granite, marble and other stone slabs. Our innovative racks feature numerous valuable components including:

  • Floor mounting cleats
  • Extra wide base for stability,
  • Mortise and tenon joints
  • Structural posts with white protective caps to prevent scratches
  • Mounting slots so you can join additional slab racks to house all your stone slabs

Find out how you can benefit from a custom granite storage solution today, whether you have a small business or a large production facility.

Don’t settle for an unsafe or inefficient way to store your granite, instead, work with Roura, the original inventor of dumping hoppers and a leader in material handling products.

granite storage

Recommended Racks For Granite Self Storage:

How To Use Granite Storage Racks

granite self storageGranite slabs are surprisingly fragile when not installed. Any drop, twist or other unusual movements can crack your costly stone materials before they’re safely installed. Prevent this by using a reliable granite storage rack from Roura.

These products use a durable base and posts that keep your granite slabs safely stored standing up. Rubber tips prevent surface damage, so you won’t have to worry about polishing or touching up your raw materials or finished products.

Store your slabs for days, weeks or longer periods, then simply slide one out to prepare for your next project. A storage rack is great for high-volume production facilities or custom cabinetry companies that create occasional custom countertops. Whether you’re looking for a long-term storage solution away from your shop floor or a rack that’s constantly emptied and refilled, our products fit the bill.

Consider a floor-mounted option for added stability. A rack full of granite slabs can be quite heavy. Keep your employees and your facility safe by securing the entire unit to the floor to avoid a tipping incident. Cleats provide convenient fastening points for reliable protection.

Compare racks based on their structural post lengths and distances apart. Some racks include enough posts to keep each individual slab of granite separate, while others have wider gaps to allow you to separate your materials based on size or color.

Acceptable Materials

Just because they’re called granite storage racks doesn’t mean they can only hold granite. A granite rack is a great temporary or long-term storage option for a number of stone products. Use these quality racks in your production facility for a number of stone types including:

  • Granite
  • Engineered stone
  • Marble

Search for racks that hold entire slabs or pick up a smaller unit to hold remnants and finished countertop pieces. You can easily store a full bundle or just a few pieces with these reliable storage solutions. Separate materials with multiple racks or posts to prepare for any project or manufacturing process.

Storage Rack Construction

You need a rack that can withstand the extreme weight of a full bundle of granite slabs. The extreme weight of these materials requires a reliable design with a wide base to increase stability. At Roura Material Handling, we use high-quality steel and reliable mortise and tenon joints to secure your products.
A depression on the mortise side allows the tongue of the tenon to fit into it. This simple, traditional design avoids complicated components that could increase the risk of failure. Double-layered joints are welded to ensure a long-lasting hold.

We coat our entire steel structure with our signature green enamel paint. Painted storage racks are highly visible in your facility and have improved weather protection. A complete paint job prevents rust and other issues, and the upright design of our racks prevents water from pooling on your materials.
This all results in a rack that has a 9,000-pound load capacity between your posts, or 4,500 pounds for each individual post. This impressive weight rating allows multiple 3-7 centimeter slabs between posts without risking a bent or broken post.

Long-Lasting Performance

We’re proud to offer reliable granite storage solutions that are built to last. Choose a rack that fits your facility or invest in a larger one to accommodate a growing business. The reliable construction and convenient design of our products will last for years to come, and we stand by our products with warranty coverage.
Add option rubber strips to cushion the side of your slab. These strips of rubber provide a cushion as you slide a slab of granite in and out of your storage rack. Don’t let your storage and handling process damage costly materials, but invest in protective elements that save you time and money.

Typical Dimensions

Your granite self storage can be adjusted to fit the dimensions of your facility and your storage needs. Our standard racks are 60 1/2 inches wide and range in length from 60 to 15 inches. Choose between eight and 20 posts to prepare for any size of granite project you may tackle.
If these dimensions don’t suit your needs, ask about a custom model. Our manufacturing team can easily create a custom rack that meets your storage or dimension requirements, so you don’t have to settle with a generic option.

The base rails are 10 inches wide and come with locking cleats to safely secure them to the floor. The structural posts that safely hold your granite slabs are 60 inches tall and capable of holding an impressive load.

If you don’t see a rack that has the dimensions you need, simply bolt multiple racks together. End-on-end connection points allow you to create a rack large enough for even the busiest facility. Explore our custom rack options for more ways to tailor your storage system to your location and business model.

Remnant and Backsplash Racks

Granite storage systems need to include room for remnants and other small pieces. After creating a custom countertop or other elegant piece out of a granite slab, you often have remnants. Store your remnants in the same safe, secure and convenient way as your full slabs.

Most small businesses and production facilities quickly gather a pile of remnants. Stacking your remnants creates a falling hazard and makes it difficult to compare the remaining pieces. This can cause you to cut into a new slab when you have a perfect piece waiting at the bottom of a pile.

Avoid the clutter and hazards of remnant piles by storing them in a rack. Create a custom remnant storage solution or choose one of our smaller, more narrow racks to accommodate unusual material sizes and shapes.

Pre-cut backsplashes can also be stored on our racks. Ask about an additional set of brackets to store pre-cut backsplash pieces that match your granite slabs. Storing backsplashes next to your full slabs reduces the time and effort of matching them up for your next project.

Custom Storage Option

Don’t let standard granite storage racks dictate your storage solution. If you have a particular space selected for granite storage or if you require large amounts of storage space for these raw materials, don’t hesitate to contact us about a custom piece. Alter the length, width, number of posts and other features to enjoy a personalized solution for your business.

Choose a smaller size if you only work with remnants, half slabs or other unusual dimensions. Our rack systems are created to hold full-size granite slabs, but you may not need anything that large. Convenient storage solutions should match your specific product and use.

Contact Roura for More Information

Contact us today at Roura Material Handling for more information about our granite storage products. Explore the benefits of our products and discuss any custom alterations that could help you make the most of your storage and production process. Create innovative products in less time with our safe, efficient material handling solutions.