Granite, Stone, and Marble Material Handling

One common way of storing stone slabs is putting them in a rack structure. These rack structures may have an A-frame design and the slabs are set against the A-frame’s back or even up against a different stone slab. Unfortunately, these A-frames are not always designed correctly and this means that they can’t support the slabs’ weight or make sure that the other slabs don’t shift when someone removes one slab. It is also possible that there are no restraining devices in place to secure the stone slabs. Another possibility is that no one correctly inspected the A-frames to ensure that they have proper structural integrity.

All of this can pose significant challenges to employees. Employees may sometimes have to stand in the slab’s fall shadow, which means they stand behind the stone slabs or in front of them. However, standing in this fall shadow is dangerous. Doing so can even lead to serious injury.

The first recommendation is to always design the storage racks so that they can handle the loads they have to carry as well as the forces that they are under due to said loads. In other words, the storage racks have to be able to handle the weight of the loads and have the structural integrity to not fail under the forces they withstand due to said loads. It is also important to draw up a storage rack system that secures the stone slabs so that they do not collapse, slide, or shift. Otherwise, the storage rack system should give the stone slabs secondary bracing. Aside from that, designing a restraint system instead of a storage rack system will work as long as it will secure the stabs and make sure they don’t collapse, slide, or shift.

Roura Supplies And Manufactures Granite Handling Equipment

Granite slab handling equipment is necessary to take care of transporting stone slabs safely. Thankfully, Roura both manufactures as well as distributes such equipment and we do so for the marble industry in addition to the stone industry. We provide you with high-quality products designed to store stone. Some of the products that we offer to you are slab racks, remnant racks, and A-frames. Customers who need equipment for storing quite a few stone slabs or handling these granite slabs might want to check out our slab racks and A-frames.

Roura also offers Remnant Racks, as well. This product is designed more for storing stone that has been cut and comes in a variety of different sizes. We offer six different kinds of Remnant Racks. The first is the RRR-79, which weighs 207 pounds and includes a total of 18 posts. The next is the RRR-107, which weighs 278 pounds and comes with 24 posts. The largest of the Remnant Racks is the RRR-135-ULT and it weighs in at 310 pounds.

Each set includes a total of two base rails that are 5 1/4 inches wide and these base rails feature locking cleats, so it is possible to fasten them to the floor. We give you the choice of three different A-frames, too. These are the RAF-60, RAFW-60, and the RAF-60-ULT.

The RAF-60 is the smallest A-frame and it weighs a total of 140 pounds. The RAF-60 can hold a maximum of 12,000 pounds of weight per side. It is also 60 inches tall, so it can handle a full stone slab.

Granite Slab Racks

One kind of granite handling equipment that you can get from us at Roura is a granite slab rack. These storage racks are specifically made so that they can effectively store stone slab bundles. We give you a choice between the RSR-60, RSR-106, RSR -135, and the RSR-135-EH19.

The RSR-60 weighs 437 pounds and is 60 inches in length, 60 and one-half inches in height, and 10 inches in width. Each set of the RSR-60 includes a total of eight posts. This product can handle 4,500 pounds per post and this means it has a total load capacity between its posts of 9,000 pounds. The construction of the RSR-60’s base rails includes a total of three layers of welded reinforcement and this is so that these base rails offer you superior strength.

Additionally, it is also worth mentioning that all of the granite slab racks from Roura use industrial paint, specifically in enamel green, so that the slab racks are properly protected from the weather. With the RSR-106, these can be used to store a total of seven bundled slabs of stone that are three centimeters each in width in between its posts. It is also possible to bolt these storage racks made to store stone together so that they can accommodate stone slabs of varying lengths. The RSR-106 also weighs far more than the RSR-60 at 820 pounds.

The dimensions of the posts are also different for the RSR-60 and the RSR-106. However, the RSR-106 also includes a total of 20 posts. This differs from the RSR-60, which only includes 16 posts.


RAF-60 A Frame

Both the standard and the ultimate A-frames from Roura are excellent options for anyone intending on storing slabs of granite, stone, or marble. We made the A-frame so that it is capable of holding a maximum weight of 12,000 pounds equally per side. The A-frame includes heavy-duty steel construction. Thanks to its height of 60 inches, this granite slab handling equipment can handle full slabs of granite, marble, or stone.

The A-frame also comes with timber blocks and these increase the product’s stability as well as provide protection to the slab. The A-frame’s cross member is made of steel and it comes with fasteners, too. The RAF-60, one of our A-frames, weighs 140 pounds, while the RAFW-60 weighs a total of 210 pounds. The RAF-60-ULT weighs a bit more than that at 212 pounds.

  • 60″ height handles full slabs
  • Holds up to 12,000 lbs. per side
  • Improved stability with timber blocks
  • Includes steel cross member and fasteners

Remnant Racks

granite transport racks

Remnant racks from Roura are a great product for storing the remaining pieces of stone slabs that have been cut. We offer these in a variety of different lengths to accommodate the amount of floor space that you need. Remnant racks allow our customers to easily organize their granite, stone, or marble remnant pieces. Our standard remnant racks include hollow posts and hollow caps, as well. Ultimate remnant racks come with a post that is solid steel and measures 5/6 inches.

A Tenon and Mortoise welded joint that is also two layers deep is part of the remnant racks’ construction and this offers you even more strength in them. It also has eight posts in total. The weight is a little over 300 pounds at 310 pounds for this product.

The RRR-79 and the RRR-135-ULT are two of Roura’s remnant racks. The RRR-79 is lighter, but the RRR-135-ULT includes a greater number of posts and each set of both remnant racks includes white caps to prevent scratches and protect the racks. The standard version of these racks holds a maximum weight of 1,200 per post and 2,400 pounds overall. Ultimate remnant racks are capable of holding more weight since they are capable of holding 1,400 pounds a post and 2,800 pounds between every single set of posts.

  • Holds 1,200 lbs. per post, 2,400 LBS between each set of post
  • Ultimate remnant racks will hold 1,400 lbs. per post, 2,800 LBS between each set of post
  • Two 5-1/4″ wide base rails with locking cleats, for fastening to floor
  • Extreme Durability: 1-1/4″ structural posts and ultimate remnant racks has 1-5/6″ solid steel post for extreme durability
  • Superior joint construction with Mortise and Tenon welded joints
  • Expandable storage solution

Heavy-Duty Self-Dumping Hopper

Another product that a material handling equipment supplier like Roura offers is the Behemoth self-dumping hopper. This is a container that can dump its contents without any operator’s manual assistance. Its construction includes continuous welding on its body and it is made of carbon steel, as well. The load capacity for each version of the Behemoth self-dumping hopper varies from 8,000 pounds to 10,000 pounds.

This self-dumping hopper makes storage easier because you can keep your material in a secure container that is easy to safely access. Using our Behemoth hopper means it is possible to discard content more easily since there is no need for manual help from an operator in doing so. It makes transporting very heavy materials easier because our customers can do so more easily and more easily because of the container’s strength and load capacity.

Material Handling Equipment Supplier

Roura is an excellent choice for high-quality material handling equipment. We manufacture and distribute plenty of products for the mining, woodworking, food processing, and agricultural industries. Regardless of your industry, our material handling equipment is second to none, so check out Roura for all your needs.