Durable, Rotating Containers Make Emptying Gaylord Boxes Easier

Do you have lots of corrugated cardboard, or Gaylord, boxes to empty? If so, turn to a forklift Gaylord dumper from Roura Material Handling. Carefully constructed to last and simplify the process of emptying Gaylord boxes, our Gaylord Rotator boxes come in various sizes to meet your specific needs.

These Dumpers Ease the Weight of Heavy Tasks

Our Gaylord dumpers have specially designed containing arms that are adjustable. This means they can accommodate many different box sizes. Using our box dumpers is simple. Put your corrugated cardboard box inside a Roura Gaylord box dumper, lift the container with a forklift that has rotating forks, then empty the corrugated cardboard box. Our forklift Gaylord dumpers deliver multiple business benefits.

  • Empties boxes quickly and safely
  • Saves time
  • Decreases the risk of employee injury
  • Preserves corrugated cardboard boxes for longer life

Our standard models of Gaylord box dumpers come with multiple options such as cross members and adjustable rails. You can even choose from a broad selection of colors.

More Than a Century of Quality

While our company has undergone changes since Joseph Roura founded it in Detroit, Michigan more than 100 years ago, our dedication to quality and value has never altered. Our mission is to give our customers the safest, most durable products and self dumping hoppers on the market for the best price. We like to talk to customers, answering questions and discussing ideas. We can even customize our current Gaylord dumper models to best accommodate your needs.

Let Us Help

Roura Material Handling is focused on meeting your requirements and helping you find just the right forklift Gaylord dumper for your needs. If we do not have exactly what you require, talk to us about a dumper tailored to your requirements. Our experienced engineering and sales staff can answer any questions you have.