Dumping Hoppers can Improve Your Material Handling Capabilities

Tools that help your business run smoothly and grow are invaluable.  Quality dumping hoppers help you manage all sorts of materials efficiently. Roura Material Handling has been serving customers for more than a century. We manufacture and sell a wide range of self-dumping hoppers, Gaylord rotators, and stone products, including slab racks and A-Frame holders. They can elevate your company operations to the next level.


Benefits of Quality Hoppers

All manner of industries use these temporary containers to hold materials. Hoppers are perfect for the construction industry, to hold trash, gravel, organize recyclables, and industrial use. Our products offer important benefits.

  • Safe and efficient means of handling materials
  • Reduce operating expenses
  • Multiply production and work output

We sell multiple styles of hoppers priced to fit into your company’s budget, and we also manufacture custom models. Our versatile array of containers serves all purposes, from smaller needs to large models that can handle loads weighing thousands of pounds.


Heavy-Duty Hoppers

If you require a quality industrial hopper, look no further than our selection. Our heavier models of self-dumping hoppers—the Ultimate and the Behemoth—are made to handle the heaviest materials in the most inhospitable conditions. Manage and dump rough and heavy objects with ease.

  • Castings
  • Glass
  • Bricks
  • Demolition items and bits

We know how to build hoppers for every job. Our company, founded by Joseph Roura in Detroit, MI, in 1915, created and manufactured the first Self-Dumping Hopper. We have been perfecting our offerings ever since, and we are dedicated to providing the best hoppers for the best value.


Top-Quality Containers Help You

Roura Material Handling offers numerous hopper styles to meet every need. Our mission is to give customers top-quality dumping hoppers that are safe and rugged without breaking the bank. Contact us today through our convenient online form, through email, or by telephone. Reach our Michigan office at 800-968-9070 or hoppers@rouramh.com.  Contact our Mississippi facility at 800-654-9147 or hoppers2@rouramh.com.

Self-Dumping Hopper