Drum tilters are safe, easy-to-use industrial products used to streamline 30- and 55-gallon drum handling, emptying, and storage efficiency. Drum tilters allow operators to effortlessly lift, maneuver, rotate, and tilt loaded drums, making transportation and dumping practical and fast.

At Roura, we carry a wide range of heavy-duty, industrial-grade drum tilters that can safely manage heavy loads up to 6,000 lbs. We can even customize the design of each tilter to accommodate your specific application.

Steel Construction

7 Gauge steel and a fully welded body shields a barrel from damage and keeps it safely upright until you’re ready to dump it. These rugged drum handling features also protect forklift operators during the transportation, lifting and dumping steps of routine use. Our signature green paint covers the inside and outside of the drum lifter to protect it from the elements.

Compare our designs to see why Roura is a leader in rugged drum lifter manufacturing. If you aren’t satisfied with our design features, work with our team to reinforce your equipment for added peace of mind.

Safety Features

Safely securing a drum is critical to avoiding workplace accidents. Our drum rotator products, just like our self-dumping hoppers, are specifically designed to promote workplace safety. The key components that help achieve this are the adjustable side rails and a security chain.

Adjust the side rails to fit a range of barrel dimensions. These rails move up and down and can be tightened firmly to keep a barrel in place once the unit is tipped upside down.

Similarly, the security chain helps keep a barrel in place. This chain is secured across the front of the drum to prevent it from sliding forward out of the unit at any point of operation.

Optional Accessories

Customize your Roura products to fit your particular products and workplace situation. Our drum rotator has been carefully designed to fit a range of barrel dimensions and standard forklift forks. Work with our engineers to create a custom solution that alters our standard unit for your specific application.

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