Dumping hoppers have many practical applications. Designed for efficient material handling, you will find a wide variety of forklift dumpsters which are hoppers with forklift attachments to suit your material handling needs.

Hopper manufacturers offer an extensive range of dumping attachments and accessories as well as material handling storage items such as granite racks to help you increase productivity and ensure safe handling of different types of materials for dumping:

  • Self-dumping hoppers for recycling – Built for handling refuse and recycling materials, these hoppers feature lightweight plastic lids to keep material dry, control pest, and cut down odor.
  • Open-side self-dumping hoppers – These medium capacity hoppers can handle loads between 4,000 and 6,000 lbs. they are ideal for irregularly sized/particularly lengthy material, ranging from tubing to lumber, metal and plastic pipes, shears drop, extruded products, and similar types of construction material.
  • De-watering hoppers – These hoppers are ideal for collecting and draining wet materials such as in water and sewage treatment and pulp processing applications.
  • 90-degree self-dumping hoppers – These hoppers tilt to a 90-degree angle, effectively dumping all contents for efficient handling of metal chips, tunings, shavings, and saw dust. They are lower-capacity dumpers because of their mechanical limitations.
  • Dross self-dumping hoppers – These hoppers are heavy-duty dumpers made from thicker gauge steel, which allows for efficient handling of hot glass and forgings, and other hot materials in general.
  • Stainless steel hoppers – Available in many sizes, stainless steel hoppers are designed for special applications particularly in chemical, food, and beverage industries.
  • Galvanized steel hoppers – Designed for sewage and waste water handling, galvanized steel hoppers are ideal for wet material applications such as in fishery, agriculture, and sewage management.
  • Lined hoppers – These are self-dumping hoppers that come with special protective coating to ensure safe handling of sensitive materials.
  • Low self dumping hoppers – For dumping applications that require low clearance, low self-dumping hoppers make a perfect choice, allowing for safe and efficient material handling.