self tipping hopper

Haul your material safely and efficiently with a self tipping hopper by Roura Material Handling. Our time-tested designs allow you to easily maneuver your job site or manufacturing facility and fill, store and dump products with ultimate precision. Compare the variety of sizes and features of our self dumping hoppers available today to find the best solution to meet your needs.

Safe and Convenient Tipping Features

Roura self tipping hoppers allow you to easily dump materials without leaving your forklift. There are two basic release options available for your self-dumping hoppers: a pull-down handle system and an auto-latch handle. Each of these tipping features come standard in some of our hoppers and can be integrated into any hopper design you need for a customized solution.

The pull-down handle system allows you to safely dump your hopper while it’s elevated. Avoid standing under or near the hopper while it’s elevating in a forklift, but instead, pull a convenient lever while still sitting in your forklift. This system keeps you and your forklift operators safe throughout the workday.

The auto-latch system is designed to reduce the number of pinch points to avoid injury. This efficient base safely latches locks your self tipping hopper into a secure position, then allows you to easily dump it with less chance of injury due to pinch points.

Versatile Sizing Options

Every Roura hopper uses continuous welding and 10 or 12 gauge carbon steel to protect your material and handle any rugged work environment. Depending on the size and steel gauge you choose, you can expect to lift up to 10,000 pounds with 10 cubic yards of storage space.

More efficient hopper sizes start at 4,000 pounds and one-eighth of a cubic yard. Whether you need the impressive lifting power of our Behemoth hopper line or a space-saving, compact alternative, we have the storage and dumping solution for you. Whether you’re looking for a tool to haul materials every day or you need a specialized cleanup hopper for occasional use, a Roura hopper is an industry-leading option for you.

Common Applications

While self tipping hoppers can be used in a variety of industries, some markets have been reliably using our hoppers for years. If your company operates in one of these industries, we have specialized hoppers to assist you in your material handling operations:

  • Mining
  • Woodworking
  • Milling
  • Construction
  • Building products
  • Solid waste management
  • Agricultural
  • Manufacturing

Any industry that requires bulk handling of dry, wet, hot or cold material handling can easily integrate our hoppers into day-to-day operations. Use your existing forklifts to conveniently lift, maneuver and dump our dynamic hoppers.

Customized Solutions

When a standard hopper doesn’t match the specialized nature of your facility or work area, customize a hopper for your professional use. Our industrial-strength hoppers are designed by our own team of engineers, so we can design and fabricate a unique hopper for you. Change the dimensions, materials, lid style and dumping feature to tailor a single hopper or entire line of hoppers.

Consider using a custom self tipping hopper to handle food scraps, construction site cleanup, glass, recycling or raw materials for your manufacturing facility. Include useful accessories, like casters, covers and release systems. Choose the color of your self dumping hopper to match your company’s colors or to color-code your waste and material storage system for a streamlined organization system.

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Streamline your storage system and power through cleanup projects with a self tipping hopper by Roura Material Handling. If you’re ready to order your hopper or learn more about our custom hopper options, contact us today. Our facilities in Michigan and Mississippi are able to design and produce rugged, reliable hoppers for your everyday industrial use.