Thanks to self dumping hoppers, moving and dumping materials has gotten much easier and safer over time. Self-dumping hoppers offer their users flexibility and the capacity to handle extremely large loads. 90 degree self-dumping hoppers (also referred to as low profile hoppers) provide an extended angle, making even the most challenging dumping tasks more manageable.

In fact, some manufactures equip their 90° hoppers with modifications that allow maximum control on demand, and the durability to withstand even the most extreme substances. Here are a few reasons why you should consider a 90 degree hopper.

Safety First

As an industry standard, hoppers are typically designed from high-end steel that can endure the most severe punishment from a variety of dangerous materials. This means that even the most basic of self-dumping hoppers can usually handle risky waste without worry of endangering the handler. From here, hoppers can be customized to accommodate specialty needs.

If you plan on using your hopper to handle sharp objects, or toxic material, for instance, you can prepare your equipment to handle specialty wear, tare and security. Lastly, 90 degree self-dumping hoppers can dump materials at an extended angle, ensuring that all substances have been emptied before returning to the resting position.

Built to Last

Self-dumping hoppers are designed to take a beating for a very long time. Made from high-end steels like carbon and galvanized steel, hoppers generally only experience extreme wear and tear after extended use.

Some manufacturers secure their models with exclusive hinge pins to resist typical wear and tear. You can also equip your self-dumping hopper with wear resistant materials like taper pins.

Extremely Versatile and Customizable

Lastly, but certainly not least, 90° self-dumping hoppers are very customizable and can be used for just about anything. They can handle nearly any material by virtue of being made from durable metals. Hoppers come in an endless variety of shapes and sizes depending on your needs.

Because there are so many great uses for self-dumping hoppers, most manufactures provide a basic model for customers to build upon according to their uses. For this reason, you can build your hopper to fit your vehicle, to handle specialty materials, irregular shapes and even fluids.

Self-dumping hoppers can handle between 1,000 to 8,000 pounds, and sometimes more. If you’re looking for a quote on a customized hopper, consider the material you’re hauling, the weight of your cargo and the vehicle you’ll be using.

90 degree self-dumping hoppers are extremely versatile and customizable. They are built with your safety in mind, and they are built to last.