self dumping hopper lid

Store raw materials or garbage with a secure self dumping hopper by Roura Material Handling. Browse our selection of self dumping hopper lids and hoppers with lids included to see how you can prevent rainwater, animals, dust and debris from affecting your materials.

Create a personalized solution to your unique material handling challenges by choosing a custom hopper and accessories from a leader in the industry.

Steel Dump Hopper Lids

Our type A and type B steel lids are durable enough to protect items in long-term storage or for temporary needs. Our steel lids are made with the same 14 gauge or 12 gauge steel as our hoppers, so you can enjoy reliable protection from falling debris and other workplace hazards.

Type A lids are our standard steel option. Reliable openings, closings and drain channels keep the contents of your hopper secure.

Type B lids are designed to be watertight. A 1/4-inch neoprene gasket attaches to the opening of your hopper to prevent moisture from entering and affecting your materials. This is ideal for outdoor storage of recycling materials, refuse or raw materials.

Select a type D lid for a double-hinged lid capable of opening on both sides. A D-ring, chain and snap hook allow you to safely fasten the lid open or closed to prevent it from disturbing the dumping process.

Plastic Lids

Steel lids may be durable, but they can also be heavy to open. Select an affordable alternative that’s easy to open and still keeps your contents safe. Plastic lids are constructed from polyethylene and are double walled, so you can be confident they will still hold up to your industrial work area. They are only available for durable and rugged Roura hoppers and make great recycling storage containers.

Vinyl and Mesh Tarps

Choose a vinyl or mesh tarp for temporary coverage while transporting your materials. These covers don’t provide the same level of protection but are far more affordable and easy to take off and store. Fold up your tarp cover and conveniently store it while you load up your hopper, then bring it out and quickly install it for secure protection.

A mesh tarp is a perfect solution for keeping loose items in your hopper as you transport it across your facility or away from the jobsite. Once you reach your new occasion, simply remove the tarp and dump your hopper. A fitted front and bungee cord fasteners in the back ensure your mesh tarp stays on until you’re ready to remove it.

A vinyl tarps offers the same convenience but with waterproof protection. This lightweight cover is perfect for preventing environmental concerns due to water runoff. Prevent your raw materials or refuse from affecting rainwater and groundwater near your production facility or jobsite and comply with all local and federal regulations with this affordable, easy-to-store cover.

Plastic Lid Self Dumping Hoppers

If you’re still shopping for the ideal storage solution for your facility, pick up a self dumping hopper with included plastic lid. Save money and enjoy customizable convenience when you order a new hopper with a lid already installed. We engineer reliable products to meet your material handling needs, so you can enjoy a wide range of hopper shapes and sizes with an included plastic lid. Our plastic lids are designed for ease of use, water prevention and safety.

Protect Your Materials Today

Contact us today at Roura Material Handling to learn more about our hopper lids. Work with a leader in material handling solutions to enjoy the full-service support and commercial quality you need to keep your company moving forward. If you don’t see a lid or hopper design that fits your requirements, ask about a custom hopper solution.

Instructions: Click on a cover below to open a spec sheet as a PDF. The document can be downloaded or printed.

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