Stone transportation is a tough, dangerous job. Stone and granite slabs or scants can weigh thousands of pounds and can cause fatal injuries if mishandled. To reduce injury risks and potential machinery damage, it’s important to not only have a material handling safety plan in place, but to also invest in the right stone handling equipment.

Stone Transport & Handling Options

At Roura, we offer two material handling options that can be used to transport stone and granite: open-sided hoppers and A-frames.

Let’s look closer.

Side view of open-sided hopper model OS-24 on a white background.

Open-Sided Hoppers

As the name suggests, open-sided hoppers are containers/storage hoppers that do not feature any closed ends; this design prevents heavy, bulky materials from shifting during transportation. At Roura, our proprietary open-sided self-dumping hoppers are constructed with 3/16-inch, 12-gauge carbon steel for increased tensile strength, and can carry loads up to 6,000 pounds and two cubic yards.

While these durable transport containers can be useful in certain stonework projects, they are most commonly used for hauling lumber, metal piping, extruded products, plastic, tubing, and other construction materials.


Two a-frame models RAF-60 side by side on a white background

Heavy-duty solid steel A-frames are the safest choice for stone transportation. A-frames are composed of two beams (either steel or wood), often similar in size, that are arranged at 45 degrees or less. They are called A-frames because they form the letter ‘A.’ 

Our A-frames are constructed with heavy-duty steel, include timber blocks for extra protection, and can hold up to 12,000 pounds of granite, marble, or other stone slabs on each side.

Benefits of Using A-Frames

The primary benefits of using A-frames for stone transportation include:

  • Increased Safety
  • High Load Capacity
  • Reduced Machine & Material Damage
  • Easy to Set Up
  • Improved Material Stability/Reduces Likelihood of Material Shifting

Still, Have Questions? Contact Roura Today!

Founded in 1915, Roura specializes in manufacturing custom self-dumping hoppers, A-frames, and other storage solutions.

If you have general questions about A-frames and how to use them in your next stone transport project, reach out to our team today. Or, start building your own custom A-frame.