Dumping hoppers are among the most innovative developments for many different materials handling requirements. Reputable designers and builders of self-dumping hoppers offer a good selection of products that should most bulk load handling and waste disposal requirements of different industries.

What to Consider Before Purchasing

However, many factors must be considered before you purchase a self-dumping hopper for your business or industry. The basic factors have something to do with the frequency of use, the weight of the materials that need to be handled, and the size of the forklift. Apart from that, you need to make sure that the forklift dumpster has the following features:

1. Strong – Self-dumping hoppers must be built to last, so they must have a heavy and strong base. Look for a product that has 5/16” steel plate base for standard hoppers that are ¾ yards or higher in size. Make sure there are three-inch channels that are open side down for easy mounting on the forklift and to prevent debris build-up. Heavy-duty bases must come with a boxed tube design guarantee extra strength on three-yard hoppers or higher.

2. Excellent features – Look for unique features like a structural angle rocker that comes with trunnion pins, which are welded in place, and a trip lever assembly that has an internal spring. Make sure the rocker angles have lock fastener pins attached a rocker plate, so they can easily be removed when repairs are needed. Some of the best hoppers are finished with bright enamel paint (usually in colors like green) for safety and better visibility. Some manufacturers can paint them in other colors to suit your business.

3. Durable – Be sure to buy high-quality self-dumping hoppers that can last a long time. However, make sure that you use them appropriately in proper and safe ways, and perform proper maintenance to ensure a lasting product that can improve your productivity and reduce downtime. Moreover, be sure to follow the safety precautions when transporting or operating self-dumping hoppers to prevent injury, damage, or accidents.

4. Versatile – Self-dumping hoppers have many different applications and uses, particularly for heavy and demanding materials handling requirements in construction, solid waste management, food processing, manufacturing and stamping industries, glass manufacturing, and agriculture, to name a few.