how do self dumping hoppers work

Everyone in the manufacturing industry knows the importance of hauling products and materials and removing waste efficiently. But, unfortunately, one of the most prominent problems workers encounter is operating effectively in a cluttered space full of trash and parts they don’t need.

However, a light at the end of the tunnel provides an excellent solution: The self dumping hopper. These practical yet useful hoppers allow manufacturing facilities to have a sound business operation without worrying how materials, scrap, and trash will be moved and stored.

How Do Dump Hoppers Work?

The basic concept of a dumpster hopper is an easy way to collect materials in a large container that will either be moved or disposed of. Depending on the work environment, the style is designed around the needs of the manufacturers. However, self dumping hoppers are typically comprised of durable materials (i.e., steel and metal).

Regarding self dumping hoppers, these tend to be more efficient because they provide a way to dump items without external motors and pulleys. A conveniently located latch releases when it needs to be emptied. These are unique because they can roll forward when the things inside need to be dumped.

Also, these large spaces provide a temporary solution for items like cardboard boxes or scrap metals. One of the best features is that the hopper will automatically return to its original and upright position once the items are dumped.

Benefits of self dumping hoppers

A dump hopper is a vital piece of equipment for multiple industries. The self dumping hopper is durable, made with superior materials that are an excellent investment in construction or industrial workplaces. Below are some of the advantages of having one in a work location:

  • Dumping hoppers have incredible durability because most are built with quality steel that can withstand extreme environments and heavy daily use.
  • A dump hopper is available in different sizes and shapes to meet the needs of a particular facility, and you can customize them as well.
  • A self dumping hopper is designed with efficiency and safety in mind. No matter what materials need to be hauled, you can ensure the dumpster hopper will exceed your expectations.

Forklift Hopper

Forklift dumpsters are relatively easy to operate:

  1. Ensure you’re well-versed in the operational and safety guidelines for a forklift.
  2. The hopper is picked up when you place the forks through tube-like holes. The forklift then needs to be in neutral. Next, apply the parking brake, and forklift chains should be used for additional security.
  3. Load hoppers with waste or other items that need to be moved.

A latch is used to dump the contents, and the hopper will simply roll back into its original and secure locked position. It is then ready to get filled again as needed.

Dust Hopper

If you work in an industry with wood, sawdust can create a significant problem. Dust and debris can make it difficult to breathe, especially for those who have allergies. A dust hopper is an efficient method of collection of sawdust in an enclosed space. Afterward, a forklift can take the hopper to the designated area for dumping, where it gets dropped from the bottom.

These hoppers also have choices should you need to make changes. For example, Roura hoppers include options for different lids or other ways to customize the container for maximum efficiency.

Gaylord Dumper

If you want an efficient way to move materials in a corrugated cardboard box, the Gaylord dumper is an excellent choice. It works by simply filling up the Gaylord boxes and lifting them with a forklift. These dump hoppers are efficient in prolonging the life of the Gaylord boxes. There are also choices for sizes of boxes depending on the needs of the facility.

Bottom Drop Box

A bottom drop box is efficient because it safely disperses heavy or dangerous items. The forklift truck forks need to be matched up with the opening on the top of the box. Insert the forks through the pockets. Then, apply the parking brake and put the forklift in neutral. Ensure the box is securely tied to the forklift truck with the secure chain.

You’ll also want to double-check the slide bolt latch is in a closed position. The bottom drop box needs to be adjusted to an appropriate height above the container the items will be dumped into. The slide bolt latch will now need to be placed in an open position. Before pulling the retractable pull handle, the forklift again needs to have the parking brake engaged and put in neutral. Once pulled, the contents empty from the bottom safely.

Drum Rotator

The drum grabber attachment is needed when picking up a drum. The drum will be placed securely inside the drum rotator. Once inside the drum rotator, move the truck a safe distance backward. Then, the inside rails of the drum rotator will need to be adjusted to fasten the drum in place and attach the chain securely.

The pockets for the forklift on a drum rotator are on the bottom and back. Once lifted, move the drum rotator over where you plan to dump the contents. However, you never dump items with the forks in the bottom of the rotator. Instead, remove and rotate the forks so they are inserted on the side before slowly dumping materials into the container for maximum safety.

As you can see, a dump hopper is vital for different industries. They are long-lasting pieces of equipment that provide efficiency in the work environment.